Eye: Lineisy Montero Is In CR Paradise For SS2019 As Carine Roitfeld Announces Changes Ahead

Carine Roitfeld CR Changes.jpg

Eye: Lineisy Montero Is In CR Paradise For SS2019 As Carine Roitfeld Announces Changes Ahead

Model Lineisy Montero is styled by Avena Gallagher for ‘En el Paraiso’, lensed by Aeix Webb for the Spring-Summer 2019 issue of CR Fashion Book.

Founded in 2012 after Roitfeld left her position as editor-in-chief for French Vogue, Carine announced that she intends to let a new generation take the reins of her magazines CR Fashion Book and CR Men. WWD writes that Roitfeld will be doing far less styling on the shoots, although no one is replacing her as editor. “I don’t know what I now want to be called,” the French icon explained. “I don’t have a desk [at the office] either. I had one a while ago but I didn’t like it. I just sit at any table with a free chair. I don’t want a door, ‘Oh, knock before entering.’ That’s not me.”

“I’ve become another stylist in the magazine,” Roitfeld continued, referencing the grown of her CR Studio brand consultancy, which is taking on new clients besides Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford. “I think it’s definitely time to open the door to a new generation. People of fashion, you know, they get bored, so we need to feed them something exciting, energetic and new.”

Frida Aasen Is Screen Test Ready Lensed By Mariana Maltoni For CR Fashion Book Online

Frida Aasen CR Fashion Book Online (8).jpg

Top model and Norwegian beauty Frida Aasen is styled by Renata Correa in ‘Sixties-Inspired Screen Tests’, lensed by Mariana Maltoni for CR Fashion Book Online November 2018./ Hair by Lucas Wilson; makeup by Grace Ahn

Featuring Frida’s editorial, CR Fashion Book writes: “or as long as there has been the screen, there have been screen tests, and surely there are none more glamorous than those of the 1960s. Audrey Hepburn's vivacious performance famously cast her in Roman Holiday(and even made its way into the original theatrical trailer for the film), while Andy Warhol's series thrusted a crew of downtown unknowns into the limelight.” Note that Frida Aasen is not a VS Angel, as stated. She has walked past VS Fashion Shows and is in the 2018 lineup.  

Jamily Meurer Poses As Louise Nevelson In Max Cornwall Images For CR Fashion Book #13

Jamily Meurer by Max Cornwall for CR Fashion Book 13 (15).jpg

“You take any material and when you convert it to black,” she once curtly stated. "It’s so distinguished.” Of the all-encompassing black she often painted her reliefs, she noted that this “silhouette” was the “essence of the universe.” What is a silhouette but a body, some dark, tidal form? What is essence besides everything, distilled? Thus Nevelson’s style, her own intricately assembled silhouette, its own definitive form, is not without meaning. It was how she staged her body and her body of work for the world. And she staged it brilliantly. In 1977, the critic Robert Hughes would note of Nevelson: “The dandy of American art is a woman."

CR Fashion Book 13 channels the late, great Louise Nevelson in images by Max Cornwall. Model Jamily Meurer is styled by Benjamin Galopin and Stephane Rochas in Givenchy, Elosabetta Franchi, Marine Serre, Anteprima, Sacai and more. / Hair by Olivier Schawalder; makeup by Rebecca Wordingham

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Kaia Gerber Wears Haute Looks Lensed By David Luraschi For CR Fashion Book Fall 2018

Kaia Gerber by David Luraschi for CR Fashion Book F 2018 (7).jpg

Kaia Gerber Wears Haute Looks Lensed By David Luraschi For CR Fashion Book Fall 2018

Rising model Kaia Gerber wears a mix of haute couture and rtw from Givenchy Haute Couture, Maison Margiela Artisanal, Marc Jacobs and more, styled by Carine Roitfeld. French-American image maker David Luraschi is in the studio for CR Fashion Book #13.

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Anok Yai Casts A Spell In 'The Ritual' By Ivar Wigan For CR Fashion Book #13 Fall 2018

Anok Yai by Ivar Wigan for CR Fashion Book 13 (8).jpg

Scotland-born, London-raised photographer Ivar Wigan captures rising star Anok Yai in ‘The Ritual’, a twisted fantasy centered around the empowerment of women and superstition. Daniel Gaines styles the shoot for CR Fashion Book #13./ Hair by Hos Hounkpatin; makeup by Brittany Whitfield