Stas May Flashes Charlene Almarvez In 'Carry All' For Interview Magazine May 2017

Model Charlene Almarvez goes undercover in 'Carry All', a fashion vision for bag ladies styled by Julia Gall. Photographer Stas May is behind the lens for Interview Magazine May 2017./ Hair by Tetsuya Yamakata

Naomi Watts Is Lensed By Emma Summerton For Vogue Australia June 2017

Actor Naomi Watts covers the June 2017 issue of Vogue Australia, styled by Christine Centenera in a Giambattista Valli haute couture dress. Photographer Emma Summerton captures Naomi, who is interviewed by Sophie Tedmanson on a range of topics including 'Gypsy', the new Netflix TV drama in which she plays an unscrupulous therapist. The 10-part series is helmed by Sam Taylor-Johnson, director of 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'.

'That make it (Gypsy) so much more appealing for me, because there’s this fear as you edge into your mid-life that it’s all done and dusted and that it’s all over, and that’s just not the case.” 

Lacey Flashes Fall Patterns & Textures For Vogue Japan June 2017

Models Marie Damian, Regan Garrett & Tandi Reason Dahl are styled by Carlotta Oddi in a color/pattern burst of fashion artistry. The trio is captured in rich images by Lacey for Vogue Japan June 2017./ Makeup by Jenny Coombs; hair by Martin Cullen

As Modern Orthodox Jews, Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Share Deep Connection To Israel & Chabad

As Modern Orthodox Jews, Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Share Deep Connection To Israel & Chabad

The Trump-Kushner family have said they practice Modern Orthodox Judaism and Jared Kushner graduated from The Frisch School, the prestigious New Jersey yeshiva. In Washington the family has joined the Chabad synagogue attached to Washington's Kalorama neighborhood.

Rabbi Levi Shemtov, heads the small membership synagogue, which is a seven-minute walk from their home. Throughout the years, many Jewish politicians have attended TheSHUL, including former senator Joe Lieberman and current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, several Jewish ambassadors posted in Washington, and Israeli Cabinet ministers from the Orthodox parties. If Trump and Kushner attend the synagogue on a regular basis, it is likely to gain a lot of public attention, writes The Forward.

In a separate article The Forward poses the very question that captured my attention, writing "It might seem odd for a Modern Orthodox Jewish family to join a Chabad synagogue.  The relationship of Jared and Ivanka to the Chabad movement, also known as Lubavitch and Chabad-Lubavitch, was explored in one of the two Zembla videos exploring Donald Trump's relationship with the Russians. Chabad is the largest Hasidic movement in the world. 

This evening, Thursday May 25, all US media confirms that Jared Kushner is under scrutiny by the FBI for his involvement with the Trump campaign and the Trump White House. Trump's lawyer, Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, Jamie Gorelick, has said that Jared Kushner will be fully cooperative with investigators. 

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