Ivanka Meets Queen Rania, Insists Her Primary Role In DC Will Be Wife, Mother & Advocate For Women & Girls

Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan's commitment to girls' education runs very deep. Asking two weeks ago if the future is still female, Forbes writer Beth Doane profiled five women leaders, including Queen Rania. And there is exciting news to learn that Queen Rania has joined Michelle Obama's Let Girls Learn initiative, recently profiled here on AOC.

In these days before Donald Trump's inauguration as President on Friday November 20, and theWomen's March in DC on Saturday, November 21, women's rights are in a state of undefined flux in the new Trump administration -- one that is fundamentally opposed to feminism and any formalized commitment to women's rights as part of its legislative agenda.

We will see which Trump appointees stand for an expansion of women's rights at home and abroad versus those who seek to redefine them in a way that rolls back the clock.

Many women's groups and female leaders will be leaning on Ivanka Trump to persuade her father to veto key pieces of Republican legislation unless the proverbial add-ons are removed. Whether she is up to the task -- or her father has the stomach for the fight -- remains to be see. In my own view, the odds are against us. ~ Anne

Trump Slams Civil Rights Hero Ga. Rep. John Lewis On MLK Honorary Weekend

President Barack Obama's Address in Selma March 7, 2015 AOC Women's News

When President-elect Donald Trump denigrated the personal history of Ga. Rep. John Lewis this weekend -- after Rep. Lewis said that he questioned the legitimacy of America's presidential election with the Russians doing Trump's bidding -- it seems like this 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Day is best honored with my review and full text of President Obama's historic March 2015 Selma speech

For Donald Trump -- who discredited President Obama for years with his birther claims -- to become indignant over Rep. Lewis' opinion and then turn like an attack dog on Lewis is more than I can stomach. This archives article details not only the events around Selma, in which John Lewis was nearly killed, but also the subsequent march to Montgomery, Alabama led by the Rev. Martin Luther King and his wife Coretta.

On this reverential weekend in America, President-elect Donald Trump has chosen to unleash a high-profile fued with people of color and all progressives and Americans of conscience who have not forgotten Rep. Lewis' near-death experience in Selma.  The New York Times explains with In Trump's Feud With John Lewis, Blacks Perceive a Callous Rival.  



ArtNet Analyzes The Most Expensive Living Female Artists

Jenny Saville, Shift (1996-97).Courtesy of Sotheby’s.

Jenny Saville, Shift (1996-97).Courtesy of Sotheby’s.

ArtNet Analyzes The Most Expensive Living Female Artists ArtNet

Every feminist knows that art made by men dominates the auction market. ArtNet dives into their Price Database to identify the top-selling women in the future. Their list includes 1. Yayoi Kusama; 2. Cindy Sherman; 3. Bridget Riley; 4.Marlene Dumas; 5.  Cecily Brown; 6. Julie Mehretu;  7. Jenny Saville (above); 8. Elizabeth Peyton; 9. Vija Celmins; 10. Rosemarie Trockel