Tunisia Hit With Third Terrorist Attack This Year | 30-Day State of Emergency In Place

From Anne's FB page

I want to share my FB friend Meriem's beautiful photo and say that -- while I will continue to fly the French flag -- I applaud her gesture.

With several FB friends from Tunisia, please know that I am terribly concerned about your country. Being deeply involved in Sudan for years and knowing what can happen when a blossoming society -- whose women are among the most progressive and educated in Africa -- is co-opted and redefined by fundamentalist forces, I am fearful for my friends in Tunisia.

Tunisia was hit today with its third terrorist act this year, killing at least 12 people, wounding 20 members of the presidential guard, and prompting the president to declare a 30-day state of emergency. The Tunis airport has been closed, along with tourist sites.

The attack was carried out by jihadists. Thousands, according to the NY Times, of Tunisian citizens have traveled to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS.

My FB wall reported on two earlier attacks in Tunisia this year. The Islamic State carried out an attack at the Bardo National Museum in March, killing 22 people. In June, 38 people including 30 British tourists were killed at a beach hotel in Sousse.

Thank you Meriem for reminding us of the terrible challenges faced by the people of Tunisia, under assault by terrorists seeking to undermine their beautiful country. You are a symbol of compassion and intelligence whatever flag you are flying, and I regret that you may change it too often in today's world. I see where this is going, so be sure to tag me in the future. ~ Anne.

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Military victories over the Islamic State’s fighters will  help to destroy their image of macho invincibility. But if we really want to defeat ISIS for good, ideas must triumph. Societies must have ideological alternatives they can believe in. 

Luckily there is such an alternative. It’s called Tunisia.

Despite long odds, Tunisia (pop. 11 million) has emerged as the Arab Spring’s lone success story. Tunisians have stuck to their hard-won democratic institutions despite considerable political and economic turmoil. The Islamist Ennahdha Party has played a crucial part in this success by demonstrating its willingness to share power with its ideological opponents and allowing genuine political competition. The Nobel Committee’s decision to bestow its latest Peace Prize on four groups with prominent roles in the country’s democratic transition has lent international recognition to the Tunisians’ achievement.

Karlie Kloss Is Venus Bound In Maciek Kobielski SpaceX Snaps For WSJ Magazine December 2015

Karlie Kloss Is Venus Bound In Maciek Kobielski SpaceX Snaps For WSJ Magazine December 2015

Top model and NYU student Karlie Kloss is every bit the space pioneer, but looks are deceiving. Karlie won't be blasting off as one of the first four astronauts to fly into space on commercial crew vehicles. Speaking womanly, that honor belongs to Captain and NASA astronaut Sunita Williams, currently training at the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas with hopes of taking her first big ride in 2017. It's all in the hands of a few good men.
Returning to fashion-earth, Karlie is styled by George Cortina at Elon Musk's SpaceXheadquarters in California. Musk, who is also CEO of electric car maker Tesla Motors is in a space race with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. And you thought fashion was boring and detached from reality. 

SpaceX Fires Its Engines

In an interesting twist of fate, SpaceX is about to get its first contract to launch a military space flight. Space X has been competing with United Launch Alliance, a joint venture between Boeing and Lockheed that previously had a monopoly on US military launches. Earlier this week, ULA dropped out of the bidding because the rocket engines aren't built by American workers, but the Russians. With deteriorating relations between the two countries in recent years, Congress decided to nix Russian engines. 

This decision was a big win for Elon Musk, who filed a lawsuit challenging its ability to bid on contracts. The case was settled out of court, reports CNN, and Space X is now in the running for future contracts. If you recall, Russia presently ferries US astronauts back and forth to the international space station. Space X's most recent rocket launch exploded in June 2015.

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Used Shepard Rocket

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos sent a recycled rocket into space, 333,000 feet, or about 62 miles, into space on Monday, crossing the internationally recognized boundary of space. The capsule landed safely on the company's private range in West Texas. 

Bezos is joined by other space competitors in believing that reusability is key to lowering the cost of human space flight. 

Nerd Girl

Karlie Kloss' #KodewithKarlie and her personal YouTube channel Klossy are totally serious about encouraging girls to study computer science, writes WSJ Magazine about their December cover girl. 

In Kloss-speak, fashion has given her a “platform” that she wants to parlay into even greater influence, just as her baking hobby led to Karlie’s Kookies, which benefit the organization FEED and the Council of Fashion Designers of America. “The aspiration for the Kookies is to take it to the next level and make it like Newman’s Own,” she says, referring to the late actor Paul Newman’s line of food products, which benefit charity. But in the meantime, there are papers due for her NYU writing class and a philharmonic to attend with Annette de la Renta, Oscar’s widow and another Kloss mentor.
“I want to be doing my day job for a very long time,” says Kloss. “But I also want to grow businesses and make a meaningful impact.”
Karlie-Kloss-WSJ-Magazine-Maciek-Kobielski- (6).jpg