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'Nasty' Women's News Headlines

Can President Trump Handle The Truth? Time Magazine

Trump's alternative reality is dark, divisive and pessimistic, and it tends to position him and his supporters as heroic victims of injustice. Despite this--or maybe because of it--his reckless assertions are weapons that often work. He commandeers the traditional news cycle and makes visceral connections with voters. By taking on Obama over his birth certificate, Trump charmed a right-wing constituency and ratcheted himself to the level of White House--ready. By scorning good manners to attack border crossers and Muslims, Trump showed solidarity with the politically incorrect and advertised his iconoclasm. By flouting fact-checkers and making journalists his enemy, he is driving home the theme that his turbulent presidency is a struggle to the death with a despised Washington elite.

Trump has discovered something about epistemology in the 21st century. The truth may be real, but falsehood often works better. It is for this same reason that Russia deployed paid Internet trolls in the 2016 campaign, according to U.S. investigators, repeatedly promoting lies on U.S. social networks to muddy the debate. In the radical democracy of social media, even the retweets of outraged truth squadders has the effect of rebroadcasting false messages. Controversy elevates message. And it keeps the President on offense. Read on at TIME Magazine

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The Young Tycoons Need Another Getaway!

The young tycoons hitch a ride to palm beach at taxpayers expense

The young tycoons hitch a ride to palm beach at taxpayers expense

With the White House in Crisis, Jared Kushner (and family) Spring Breaks In Aspen Vanity Fair

Two of Trump's closest advisers -- son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka Trump -- need a getaway on the slopes of Aspen in the most critical week of the Trump presidency so far.

This family saga is definitely taking on a "let them eat cake" attitude as American taxpayers foot the bill for over 100 Secret Service agents in Aspen, coinciding with the FBI announcement of their investigation into the Trump administration's ties to Russia. Thursday's Trumpcare vote in the House looks to be living in the Southern Hemisphere, but the family need for recreation is priority #1.

Meanwhile, those same taxpayers who are footing the bill for the 100 Secret Service folks -- PLEASE tell us that taxpayers didn't pay to fly this family to Aspen on Air Force One -- find their ski vacations totally ruined, writes Vanity Fair and the Aspen Times.

Wherever the Trump family monarchy goes, they shut out the fun for everybody else, because -- after all -- they are SOOOOOOO SPECIAL.

The tone deafness of this family is BLINDING!!!! They need to be living in the Roaring '20s, in the years before the collapse of America and the Great Depression. Discretion is not this family's middle name. They are the center of their own universe -- rich tycoons of the worst kind. And they are living off our hard-earned money. ~ Anne

Secret Service asked for $60 million extra for Trump-era travel and protection

The White House has reportedly vetoed a detailed request for additional Secret Service funding to address the rapidly escalating costs of protecting the vagabond lifestyle travels of the Trump family.  The Washington Post detailed the request at a time when Trump's budget is gunning for Sesame Street's Big Bird and a host of other budget items the White House considers to be unnecessary and expendable -- and that includes a show that is an educational lifeline for America's poor children.  In Trumpland, the response is "let them eat cake"! 

Vanity Fair details not only the Secret Service budget breakdown but the enormous expenses being accrued by New York City, where Melania Trump resides with son Barron and also Palm Beach, home to Trump's Mar-a-Lago. 

Trump Is Defining the Presidency Down Politico

It's probably unrealistic to expect President Donald Trump to have read “Defining Deviancy Down,” the 1993 essay by the late New York Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, writes Mark A. Patterson for Politico. Much noted at the time, and remarkably prescient, Moynihan’s essay warned that Americans were seeing a decay in social behavior (for example, the rise in gun violence), and were becoming inured to it. Normalizing this behavior would eventually render America a less civilized society, Moynihan wrote.

Moynihan's argument rings true today. A quarter century later, big and small examples of our coarsening society are now normalized. The vulgar vitriol of commentary in social media and websites is appallingly coarse. The recent level of in the gutter accusations that were heard daily in the presidential elections continue to create new opportunities for therapists as citizens wrestle with America's new normal. 

What would probably concern—and anguish—Moynihan most about Trump’s leadership is his systematic degradation of our societal institutions, from the courts to the media to agencies of his own government. Trump may or may not realize it, but his conduct in office is also diminishing the institution of the presidency itself.

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