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Macron, Le Pen Advance In French Presidential Runoff

Supporters of Emmanuel Macron celebrate in Paris. 

Supporters of Emmanuel Macron celebrate in Paris. 

Marine Le Pen, far-right leader and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, celebrates with supporters after exit poll results of the first round of the election were announced at her HQ in Henin-Beaumont on April 23. | AP Photo

Marine Le Pen, far-right leader and candidate for the 2017 French presidential election, celebrates with supporters after exit poll results of the first round of the election were announced at her HQ in Henin-Beaumont on April 23. | AP Photo

For the first time ever in the history of France's Fifth Republic, neither the Republican Party nor the Socialist Party will have a candidate in the second round. The Fifth RepublicFrance's current republican system of government, was established by Charles de Gaulle under the Constitution of the Fifth Republic on 4 October 1958.

Emmanuel Macron, he centrist candidate who formed his own party, En Marche! (which translates roughly to “Onward!”), is set to win the first round of the election with 23.8 percent of the vote, according to projections on Sunday night. It’s a remarkable accomplishment for the former economy minister who ran without support from any of the main four parties in Parliament.

Former US President Obama phoned Macron on Thursday night, although officials deny that the phone call was an endorsement. Obama continues to be loved in France, so the call was a good thing. Trump, on the other hand, is generally loathed. 

Le Pen, the head of the National Front party, will likely win 22 percent of the vote ― nearly 4 points more than she took home in the previous election. While it appears she didn’t come in first, her spot in the runoff marks a historic moment for the far-right, nationalist party.  

A Le Pen win on May 7, when she and Macron face off together, would probably finish off the European Union, potentially NATO and most-definitely open borders in Europe. The polls that predicted a Macron win on Sunday were accurate and those same polls predict a Macron win on May 7. Let us pray! ~ Anne

Ivanka Trump Silence Tracker: Eat Organic

As a progressive independent, Ivanka Trump talked a good game -- advocating on countless opinions that differ with the core beliefs of the mostly white men who occupy positions of power in the Trump administration.  One can track Ivanka Trump's silence on a daily basis as her father decimates countless programs and safeguards for American families. 

Ivanka's latest silence mode -- as a key adviser to her father -- fell over the president's decision to give a reprieve to Dow Chemical's pesticide chlorpyritos. Dow CEO Andrew Liveris is the head of President Trump's new American Manufacturing Council. Oh, and he also donated $1 million to Trump's inauguration. Before his election as president, Trump called activities like this "pay to play" and he promised to end them as he cleaned up the DC swamp. What a hoot!!!

Writing for The Daily Beast, Michael Daly fills in the details of Ivanka's "mum's the word" stance in spraying fruits and veggies with a pesticide due to be banned for agricultural use after more than 24 studies finding "chlorpyrifos to be  a neurotoxin that very likely affects the development of children’s brains, most particularly if the exposure is prenatal." The pesticide was banned in residential use 17 years ago. 

Ivanka's health coach for IvankaTrump.com agrees, saying: “The average conventional apple is sprayed with over 45 different chemicals, including six that are known or suspected carcinogens, 16 suspected hormone disruptors, five neurotoxins (a.k.a brain cell killers), and six developmental or reproductive toxins… It is definitely worth the premium price tag.”

In the Trump administration, the advice to "eat organic" as espoused by his dear daughter Ivanka is only for the elite, who must protect children's brains for the elite at all cost. As for the rest of America's children, "let them eat cake" as the expression goes. Or specifically from her father's Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, let the kids eat chlorpyrifos. 

As an aside, the Trump the president believes that autism and vaccinations are connected. But he apparently has no concerns about research like this 2014 article about a California study reported in Scientific American saying: "When women in the second trimester lived near fields treated with chlorpyrifos – the most commonly applied organophosphate pesticide – their children were 3.3 times more likely to have autism, according to the study."

We don't know what causes autism, but for Trump to speak openly about vaccinations and autism -- without a single scientific study confirming the risk because the one small study was withdrawn as discredited -- and then reward his pay-to-play Dow chemical CEO with a pass on chlorpyrifos is pretty darn hard to comprehend. ~ Anne

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