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Women's News Headlines

In Debate, Hillary Clinton's Clarion Call for Women Thrills Many The New York Times

In the third presidential debate, Hillary Clinton dispensed with Democrats’ longstanding caveat that the procedure of abortion should be rare, and -- instead -- gave a fierce defense of women’s right to control our own bodies without government interference.

It was an opportunity for Hillary Clinton to speak to a new generation of younger women — and to many young men, too — by assailing Donald Trump over sexual assault and harassment accusations, saying his dismissals of the allegations against him by multiple women showed that he “thinks belittling women makes him bigger.”

“He goes after their dignity, their self-worth,” Mrs. Clinton said, refusing to take her foot off the gas. “And I don’t think there is a woman anywhere who doesn’t know what that feels like.”

Then -- in a moment that political operatives could not engineer -- Donald Trump became her bullseye, falling down the rabbit hole of his uncontrollable narcissism.  The Republican candidate has been stripped naked metaphorically as a misogynist for all the world to see. Unable to control his anger, the petulant, injured ego Mr. Trump interjected, “What a nasty woman."

Overnight, Trump's insult became a battle cry for Clintonites and a gaggle of newcomers. “Nasty Woman” T-shirts began selling on the internet. Naral Pro-Choice America advertised “NastyWoman” stickers.

A New York City man quickly set up an expletive-laced “nasty women” website that redirected visitors to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign page. Streams of Janet Jackson’s 1986 hit “Nasty” increased 250 percent on Spotify after the debate, according to a Spotify spokesman. More than 8,000 people had taken up the phrase on Twitter by midafternoon, wielding it as a badge of honor.

"Nasty Woman" Hillary Clinton Is Horrified That Trump Won't Commit To Accepting Election Result AOC Hillary Clinton

And as soon as the debate ended, Trump’s "nasty woman" insult morphed into an empowering phrase. The hashtag #NastyWomen began trending on Twitter. Someone has purchased the and set up a redirect to Clinton’s campaign website — perhaps as a sly, smirky remix of Saturday Night Live’s 2008 Weekend Update sketch about Clinton "Bitches Get Shit Done":

Hillary Clinton On the One Woman Who Inspires Her To Dare Harper's Bazaar US

In 1927, Hillary Clinton's mother was sent away to endure a "bleak" and motherless childhood at just 8 years old. Here, nearly 90 years later, the Democratic Presidential candidate reflects back on the hardships her mother saw, and how, in spite of this, she grew up to be "so loving"—a mother who raised her daughter to believe she could be anything she dreamed of, even President of the United States. Along the way, Clinton has inspired countless women around the world to dare to do the impossible, encouraging young visionaries to break—not just push—boundaries. The new generation of #WomenWhoDare are those who, like Clinton, refuse to conform. Read her exclusive essay for and see the rest of the 2016 Women Who Dare Issue below.

Meanwhile, People Magazine Produces Six People To Backup Trump Assault Accusation

'They're Lies': Melania Trump Rejects Women's Claims That Husband Groped Them New York Times

Melania Trump, who has been all but invisible as her husband confronts a campaign crisis over allegations that he sexually assaulted women, emerged on Monday to forcefully defend him and question the honesty of the women making the accusations.
Ms. Trump, in an extensive interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, said the women who had accused Donald J. Trump of groping and kissing them were lying, and likened her husband to a teenage boy who engages in macho boasting.

Related: Melania Trump Compares Donald To 'Teenage Boy' on CNN The Daily Beast

Billy Bush, NBC Reach Settlement Over Donald Trump Tape The Hollywood Reporter

People Trump Accuser Speaks

Revealed: 6 People Who Corroborate Natasha Stoynoff's Story of Being Attacked by Donald Trump People

Former 'People' Writer Speaks Out After Accusing Donald Trump of Sexual Assault New York Magazine

Former People writer Natasha Stoynoff has spoken out for the first time since her blockbuster accusation against Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her while on assignment at Mar-a-Lago, writing a first anniversary Donald and Melanie piece for the magazine.

In this followup interview, Stoynoff said that she’s “doing okay” since going public. “Women are talking about this, and they need to. We cannot be silent anymore. I didn’t tell my story for politics, I told it for women,” she told People.

The assault allegedly occurred in December 2005 at Trump’s estate in Florida, while Stoynoff was working on a feature about the presidential candidate and his then-pregnant wife, Melania. Stoynoff claims Trump pushed her against a wall and forcibly kissed her. Since the story broke one week ago, Trump has denied the allegations, and suggested that Stoynoffisn’t good-looking enough for him to sexually assault.

Stoynoff allows that Trump has perhaps forgotten an event that happened a decade ago, particularly when she may just be one of “many, many” women he has theoretically assaulted. In response to Trump's habitual response that these women aren't beautiful enough for him to assault, Stoynoff said, “I was obviously good-looking enough for him at the time to force-kiss me and insist that we were going to have an affair.”

People's editor-in-chief Jess Cagle says that the upcoming issue will contain an account by a friend of Stoynoff's who was with her when they ran into Melania Trump in New York after the alleged assault took place. Mrs. Trump insists that this interaction never took place and is demanding a retraction of the event as not true. 

Michelle Obama Leads Women's Fight Against Trump


Trump Advises: "Get Rough" With Your Wife

The Fury and Failure of Donald Trump Rolling Stone

Win, lose or drop out, the Republican nominee has laid waste to the American political system. On the trail for the last gasp of the ugliest campaign in our nation's history

Donald Trump in 1994: I tell my friends to "be rougher" with their wives VOX

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump once told an interviewer that he advises his friends to "be rougher" with their wives, and that he sometimes goes "through the roof" when he comes home and dinner isn't ready.

"Psychologists will tell you that some women want to be treated with respect," Trump told Nancy Collins in a previously unreleased 1994 transcript from ABC’s Primetime Live. "I tell friends who treat their wives magnificently, get treated like crap in return, 'Be rougher and you’ll see a different relationship.'"

Floodgates of Sexual Aggression Claims Open Against Donald Trump As Women's Stories Substantiate Trump's Own Words AOC Hillary Clinton News

The final weeks of America's 2016 presidential election present a fast ride in which his "shackles have been taken off." Over the years I've referenced my own love for driving sports cars with a firm grasp of driving a stick. As millions of Americans -- and especially American women have tweeted in the last week, our memories of sexual abuse, including firmly delivered sexual aggression and rape were unleashed listening to Donald Trump's Billy Bush video released last Friday by The Washington Post. 

Donald Trump's candidacy is a lesson to America on how to spot the signs of abuse VOX

Calls to a Sexual Aggression Hotline Have Surged Following Trump Allegations

Women Accusing Trump

JUST IN OCT. 21: Donald Trump accused of sexual misconduct by 10th woman The Guardian

Donald Trump 'grabbed me and went for the lips', says ninth accuser The Guardian

2 additional women women accuse Trump of sexual assault CNN

Physically Attacked by Donald Trump -- A PEOPLE Writer's Own Harrowing Story People

Teen Beauty Queens Say Trump Walked in on Them Changing Buzzfeed

Donald Trump: Woman says candidate groped her Palm Beach Post

Former Miss Arizona: Trump 'just came strolling right in' on naked contestants Washington Post

'His Hands Were All Over Me' New York Times

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10 Beach Destinations To Escape the Winter Weather Harper's Bazaar US

From Koh Samiu, Thailand to Cartageña, Colombia, Marrakech and many more global destinations, Harper's gives guidance on how to shake coming cold-weather blues in vibrant, colorful, non-glittering, posh places.

Neil deMause: Brooklyn is dead; long live Brooklyn NY Daily News

Several interlocking factors are creating a New Brooklyn. The number of households earning more than $200,000 a year almost doubled between 2005 and 2012. The rebirth of Brooklyn is great but also troubling as -- once again -- gentrification moves a local population out of the neighborhood with rising housing costs. 

In a sad note of irony, high-income young whites and people of color who want to live in integrated communities, known for their cultural vibrancy, are eliminating that possibility with their ability to pay soaring rents. 


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