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Kushner's Alleged Russia Backchannel Attempt Would Be Serious Break From Protocol

The Russia backchannel scheme allegedly conceived by Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner is not being denied. A few Trump backers have spoken on the record, with the claim that backchannels are a common form of diplomacy. Wait a minute, former national security officials tell Politico. The backchannel with Russia envisioned by the Trump team is highly suspect and very possibly illegal. And using Russian equipment to avoid American surveillance, as allegedly described by Russia's ambassador xxxx, would be "acutely alarming". 

“What could the Trump transition team not have the U.S. government hear them saying?” said Ned Price, a former CIA officer and National Security Council spokesman in the Obama administration. “Obviously this is improper and may have been illegal. … You don’t have an innocuous explanation for this. You can’t attribute this to carelessness.”

“The fact that they would want to hide it not just from the U.S. public but the U.S. government is unusual, and then they would want to embed the channel inside the Russian intelligence apparatus, if true, is entirely shocking and unprecedented,” said Evelyn Farkas, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia under the Obama administration. “It’s beyond improper.”

Was Last Week's TIME Cover Prescient? Washington Post Drops A New Bombshell About Jared Kushner

The Washington Post is reporting:  

Jared Kushner and Russia’s ambassador to Washington discussed the possibility of setting up a secret and secure communications channel between Trump’s transition team and the Kremlin, using Russian diplomatic facilities in an apparent move to shield their pre-inauguration discussions from monitoring, according to U.S. officials briefed on intelligence reports.

Ambassador Sergei Kislyak reported to his superiors in Moscow that Kushner, then President-elect Trump’s son-in-law and confidant, made the proposal during a meeting on Dec. 1 or 2 at Trump Tower, according to intercepts of Russian communications that were reviewed by U.S. officials. Kislyak said Kushner suggested using Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States for the communications.

The meeting also was attended by Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser.

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Trump Appears Totally Ignorant About Germany's US Car Production

The asshat who is America's president used his tough guy little fingers to drive home the point that Germany is a bad, bad, really bad country for their trade surplus with America. In particular, he launched into his little-fingers pointing-pose over American's love for German cars.

Forgetting for one moment that our capitalist system gives us the freedom to buy the cars we want, our ignorant, one-page of bullet-points boiled analysis of trade issues ignores the reality that a Trumpian size number -- based on his ego and not his fingers -- of all US vehicle production is by 'foreign' companies -- the very ones Trump assails.

The trade group for Asian automakers in the U.S., IAMA said its members last year produced 4.6 million cars between them, equal to 40 percent of all U.S. vehicle production, at some 300 facilities.

Slate shares specifics about German automakers, including the fact that our ignorant president seems not to know that 70 percent of the BMW's made in South Carolina -- 287,700 vehicles last year -- are EXPORTED and are tallied favorably to lower the US trade deficit.

There is no excuse for such a misrepresentation of business facts by the US president as the whole world is watching. He is driving a train off the rails -- namely the reputation of America -- and there seems to be no one who can get him to SHUT UP!!!!

I will not apologize for speaking aggressively about America's president. Ignorance is ignorance, and I will not relinquish my desire to be an informed, educated person. If Trumpsters can't handle facts because 58% of men and 71% of women Trump voters want an authoritarian leader, that's their problem, based on the new Atlantic research.

Correction, it's the world's problem and mine, too, but I will not bow down to their false god. ~ Anne

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