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'Nasty' Women's News Headlines

Will Ivanka Trump Be the Most Powerful First Daughter in History? New York Times

This weekend's New York Times Magazine article references our next post about New York's contemporary art community protesting against her father's presidency at Ivanka Trump's Soho apartment. Ivanka has run in Manhattan's liberal circles for years, leaving countless friends and acquaintances totally dismayed about how she can both walk her talk and support her father's presidency at the same time.

Artist Marilyn Minter, expressed confusion that Ms. Trump would be associated with an ideology that Minter finds personally troubling. “She’s supposed to be a feminist,” Minter -- currently the subject of a retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum --  told NYT.

Stella Schnabel, the actress and daughter of the artist and director Julian Schnabel, expressed to the NYT a personal affront by what she saw as Ivanka Trump’s support of her father’s positions. “I had a playdate with Ivanka. I went to Mar-a-Lago!” Ms. Schnabel said of Ivanka.

How the Trump daughter runs the family businesses while acting as a policy adviser to her father -- without conflicts of interest guaranteed to rock a Trump presidency -- currently is a topic of hot debate. Yet, when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi called the president-elect shortly after November 8, he handed the phone to his daughter when the conversation moved from infrastructure and domestic policy to women's issues.

Business Since Birth: Trump's Children and the Tangle That Awaits Them New York Times

When Donald J. Trump hosted Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan last month, his daughter Ivanka joined the conversation from atop Trump Tower.

Simultaneously in Tokyo, another exclusive gathering was already underway: "a two-day private viewing of Ivanka Trump products, teeming with Trump-branded treasures like a sample of the pale pink dress Ms. Trump wore to introduce her father at the Republican National Convention."

Ivanka Trump has worked on a licensing deal with the Japanese apparel giant Sanei International for two years, both parties told The New York Times. The largest shareholder of Sanei’s parent company is the Development Bank of Japan, owned not privately but by the Japanese government.

“At the moment,” said Sayumi Gunji, a lifestyle-magazine editor who attended the private viewing in Tokyo, “Ivanka is even more popular here than Mr. Trump.”

"Dear Ivanka": New York City's Artists Appeal to Ivanka Trump, Peer to Peer The New Yorker

The people behind @dear_ivanka are two members of the New York City art world, Alison Gingeras, a curator, and Jonathan Horowitz, a multimedia artist, who post some of the entries themselves and receive others as submissions. They were inspired to address Ivanka directly because she is, in some ways, a member of their extended social circle. Where Donald Trump is known for commissioning oversized portraits of himself, and once complained that a black-and-white Andy Warhol depiction of Trump Tower “wasn’t color-coördinated,” Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, are avid collectors of contemporary art. “She frequents the art world, what’s sometimes called ‘the New York liberal bubble,’ ” Gingeras told me. “So we already know we can speak with her, and we want to appeal to her personal stakes.”

New York's Top Art Workers Address Ivanka in Anti-Trump Protest ArtNet News

Despite preparations for Art Basel Miami Beach pressing them in countdown mode, around 200 curators, artists, writers, and cultural workers in the contemporary art field joined in a march Monday night outside the Downtown Manhattan building owned by Jared Kushner. Kushner and his wife Ivanka trump live there with their three children.

“Dear Ivanka,” the protest’s title and name of the Instagram account sending messages to Ivanka Trump, drew notable artists like Cecily Brown, Rob Pruitt, Ryan McNamara, Jonah Freeman, Dan Colen, and Marilyn Minter; as well as writers and curators like Wendy Vogel, Brian Droitcour, Zoë Lescaze, David Velasco, Sarah Nicole Prickett, Alison Gingeras, Carolyn Ramo, and Fabiola Alondra, along with dealers and advisors Jay Gorney, Bill Powers, and Erin Goldberger, ArtNews reports.

Minter, who is currently the subject of a major retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum, told the New York Times of her involvement: “The culture changes, and fascism rears its ugly head every so often and that’s what’s happening now,” she said. “We wanted to do something to start to the ball rolling, to grow a protest, and we’re artists, so we know how to make posters.”

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The Sustainable Fashion Site Where One Vogue Editor Is Doing All of Her Holiday Shopping

Customers and brands alike are increasingly demanding greater transparency in the making of our products. According to Rêve En Vert cofounder Natasha Tucker, consumers want to know want to know where our clothes and accessories are coming from and who’s making them. What are the labor conditions in factories? How does manufacturing these products impact the environment?

Tucker and her business partner Cora Hilts got a head start on that movement when they launched Rêve En Vert in 2013 as “a sustainable Net-a-Porter.”

Their vision for the website was simple: They’d stock clothing and accessories from designers who met one of their four tenets of sustainability (organic, remade, local, and fair) but didn’t sacrifice good design. Both women came from non-fashion backgrounds: Hilts studied environmental politics in London, where she first learned about the fashion industry’s impact on the earth. “In every other way, fashion is so forward-thinking, but it was doing a lot of harm,” she says. “I was starting to see a conscious consumer rising, someone who might eat organic food and care about wellness, and I thought, ‘Why isn’t there a beautiful, curated site that sells sustainable fashion where you don’t have to sacrifice style for ethics?’” At the same time, Tucker was working on an organic farm to learn about sustainable food, and draws similarities between food and fashion. “The organic food movement was a little stigmatized, but then people started caring more about [what they ate], and food options became available to them,” she explained. “I think fashion is the same way. More and more designers have been talking about it, and consumers are open to the conversation.”

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Why You Should Skip the Beach and Head to Northern Thailand Instead Vogue

Northern Thailand is not the popular tourism destination as other parts of the country. Vogue takes us into The Golden Triangle which is the meeting point of Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. First stop is the Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle.

If you prefer vacation spots closely aligned with personal values, the hotel's program for rehabilitated elephants will grab your heart. Nearly all the elephants in residence have come to Chiang Rai after mistreatment elsewhere in the tourism industry.

Guests sign up for training in interacting with rescued elephants in a program created with the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation and their caregivers, called 'mahouts'.

My night driving into the darkness of a private home in Chiang Mai transformed from one of great worry to one of the five most significant nights of my life. Vogue takes me back with a sister stop at the Four Seasons Chiang Mai.


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Female Artists Take Their Rightful Place at PULSE Miami Beach Artnet

At Christopher Moller Gallery, young Capetown artist Tony Gum morphs herself in the image of Frida Kahlo, but wearing her own family heirlooms. “It’s supposed to speak to how women are multi-faceted,” the artist told Artnet News.

Vogue called Tony Gum "the coolest girl in Cape Town", based on her tightly curated Instagram feed.

Gum (pronounced Goom) says that her work is not unique in communicating the hardships Africa faces. But she is committed to spotlighting  the fact the ‘She’ remains the power figure” in the continent's collective consciousness. Given the secondary status of the continent's women -- impacted also by colonial occupation -- it's easy to forget the unique goddesses buried deeply in ancestral memory.




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