Angelina Jolie Is "Too Busy" To Play Céline Dion | Is Jolie Not Allowed To Make Her Own Choices?

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Celine Dion Is Living A Feb Second Act Life, Lensed By Tom Munro For ELLE US June 2019


Superstar Céline Dion is styled by Charles Verenne for ELLE US June, 2019 cover story. Tom Munro is behind the lens.

Céline Dion is living her fabulous, 51-year-old life, creating a field day for her 3 million followers, who comment, “SLAYYYYYY,” and “Omfg bitch, Je T’aime,” writes Katie Connor, who conducts the interview. And make no mistake — those followers expand far beyond suburban moms. Loving Céline Dion is cool at any age.


In March 2018, ELLE US interviewed Angelina Jolie, who talked women’s rights, refugees, and environmental action with former US Secy of State John Kerry.


Angelina Jolie & John Kerry Talk Women's Rights & Environmental Action In ELLE US March 2018

Superstar Angelina Jolie sits down with former US secretary of state John Kerry to talk March 8, International Women's Day in the March 2018 issue of ELLE US. In truth, they spend as much time talking environmental issues as women's rights, although the two intersect in so many ways.

Celine + Angie

AOC didn’t go looking for news that Celion Dion is reportedly ‘devastated’ that Angelina Jolie is “too busy’ to play Dion in the biopic of her dreams.

Full disclosure, I wrote my first AOC blog post in the summer of 2007, after reading Angelina Jolie’s Esquire interview. Smart Sensuality Woman Angelina Jolie: Virtue Considered in Carversville's Country Air. In three hours, she changed my life around in a good way.

Always a social actvist ‘conscientious objector’ especially in the arena of racism and women’s rights, I had become a bit too comfortable in life. Jolie inspired me to action once again — and I’ve never looked back in my revitalized second act life.

It seems that the lives of “friends” Céline Dion and Angelina Jolie have intersected over Dion’s biopic.

A source told RadarOnline: ‘For years now, Celine’s big passion has been a musical movie adaptation of her life, career and marriage to Rene [Angelil]. She wants this to happen for both her kids and her fans, and was dead-set on Angie playing Celine Dion. ‘Celine considered Angie a good friend, and is devastated that she’s turning down the role.’


‘The Power Of Love’, Celine’s biopic, was announced back in January. A $23 million (£17.6 million) film detailing the singer’s career, life and music is being put together by French studio Gaumont, according to Variety.

AOC sees both women as powerhouse femmes, and the world needs more of them. But it’s very presumptious — and condescending, frankly — to be Celine Dion and assume that Angelina Jolie will play you, because it’s your dream, and you are friends — at least in the Hollywood sense.

This is Angelina Jolie’s page at Inside Philanthropy. Celine Dion has no page. Here is Beyoncé Knowles-Carter’s Inside Philanthropy page. This is Angelina Jolie’s Look To The Stars Giving + Activism page. Here is Celine Dion’s Look To The Stars page.

AOC doesn’t want to step into the weeds here, because women have countless forces trying to divide us. Headlines that decry Angelina Jolie as a nasty b#tch for not swooning over the opportunity to fulfill Céline Dion’s dream are an example.

I do feel comfortable saying that for Angelina Jolie to play anyone and especially a known celebrity and pop culture icon, she would have to ask what putting her own imprint of approval on that person’s life and career means in the grand scheme of things. These two wonderful women appear to have diverse life agendas.

Jolie recently told young women organizing a fashion show in an African refugee camp that she had never attended a fashion show but was delighted to attend theirs. As we speak, Céline Dion is the ultimate fashion diva, with wide-generational appeal, noted in her June 2019 ELLE cover story.

The two women live very different lives, and AOC is on team Angelina. Madame Jolie can accept whatever acting role she goddess-damn well pleases.

Whenever I find myself heartbroken — as Dion reportedly is — I think of Jolie and all those Syrian and African kids she visits CONSTANTLY. Her humanitarian efforts keep me in balance and focused outside of myself. It works every time. Peace. ~ Anne