A Brilliant, Bright British Political Star Jo Cox Was Assassinated Today

In this very recent photo, British MP Jo Cox combined her three loves: politics, philanthropy, and sport. Unfortunately, her strength gave out today, as she was unable to survive the viscious attack on her person as she left a meeting with her constituents.

The new legislator delivered her maiden speech a year ago, saying she was proud of the diversity in her seat of Batley and Spen, near Leeds. Her speech is in this article.

Before becoming an MP, she worked as a policy analyst for Oxfam, the aid agency, and also was an adviser to Sarah Brown, the wife of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown. After her election in 2015, she was one of three-dozen Labour MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn for the party’s leadership. In the end, though, she voted for Liz Kendal, Corbyn’s rival for the position, and later said she regretted nominating Corbyn, who now heads the party. She also strongly supported accepting 3,000 child refugees from Syria.

Immediately prior to standing for Parliament Jo was working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The Freedom Fund, a charity working to end the scourge of modern slavery. She was also in the process of launching UK Women, a new research institute dedicated to better understanding the views and needs of women in the UK. Jo Cox also chaired the Labour Women's Network and formerly advised The Freedom Fund, an anti-slavery group.

Jo was married and has two young children with her husband Brendan . She divided her time between her home on a boat on the River Thames (above) and her home in Batley & Spen.

Reports that Cox was shot three times and stabbed. Bystanders surrounded the gunman, preventing him from reloading his gun. He is now in custody and is described as 50, white and balding. Some say he yelled "Britain First", at the time of the attack. All Campaigning around the upcoming British vote -- Brexit -- as to whether or not Britain will exit the European Union as been suspended. 'Britain First' is the name of a far-right UK nationalist party.

A decision to leave the EU will most definitely have major impact on global financial markets and the US elections.

“Jo was dedicated to getting us to live up to our promises to support the developing world and strengthen human rights — and she brought those values and principles with her when she became an MP,” said Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader.

“Jo died doing her public duty at the heart of our democracy, listening to and representing the people she was elected to serve. It is a profoundly important cause for us all.”

Recently, Ms Cox campaigned hard for Britain to remain in the EU, criticizing Labour Leader Corbyn for his passive voice in urging England to remain on the In side. "He has to lead from the front and put a convincing case", deploying his "unique voice" with greater passion, Cox argued.

Born into a working class family — her father worked in a toothpaste factory — Ms Cox told the Yorkshire Post last year that she first became aware of politics through her experience as a student at Cambridge university, which “really knocked me for about five years”.

What a terrible loss that such a passionate, gifted voice has been silenced. ~ Anne