'Oiseau rare' | Abbey Lee Kershaw | Miguel Reveriego | Numéro 110 | Past Tense

Wings are a big part of my heritage, being a key executive with Victoria’s Secret for 10 years, lastly as the Fashion Director.  Being passionate about the Victoria’s Secret brand and its traction (or lack of it) with American women, I write often about it.

Letting the VS Fashion Show sit for a day before writing about it, I’m back on wing patrol this morning, writing 2010 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show | Yawn and Ridicule.

Then I bumped into Abbey Lee Kershaw’s past-tense wings over at Voyons Voir, in her editorial ‘Oiseau rare’ lensed by Miguel Reveriego for Numéro 110. I repeat, the phoenix is coming and she doesn’t wear a $2 million diamond bombshell bra. Anne


After reflecting on Abbey Lee’s images, I returned to Sensuality News, writing what is probably my strongest statement to Victoria’s Secret yet:

Dear Victoria’s Secret | No More ‘I Love You’s’ | The Birdies Are Circling Sensuality News

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