Juicy Bits | Explaining New Eroticism to Victoria's Secret | Ana Beatriz Barros | Hercules F/W 2010

Ana Beatriz Barros | ‘LA Confidential’ | Doug Inglish | Hercules F/W 2010 Anne of Carversville

We have two superb editorials this morning that help me convey the meaning of New Eroticism and how it’s different from Victoria’s 365 Super Sexy which is looking so very tired and almost vulgar yet again. All editorials have imagery not suitable for work.

We went through this same argument over Victoria’s Secret branding a couple years ago. Part of the problem is that American companies have no sense of sophistication, when the subject is sexuality. But I assure you that when I was a Victoria’s Secret executive we looked much more like the Doug Inglish editorial above, or the charming, sexy, intimate and just plain wonderful editorial from Stockholm below.

Sara Blomqvist & Jeremy Young | Andreas Ohlund | Stockholm 2011 Anne of Carversville

Many fashion writers can’t be bothered with VS anymore. I remain concerned, not only because I worked there for 10 years lastly as the Fashion Director, but because Victoria’s Secret plays a role in conveying the meaning of sexuality and sensuality to American women. We do not need their kind of help, and they are old enough to know better.

Anne of Carversville and Sensuality News will be exploring this subject in depth in the coming weeks.  Simply stated, I am passionate about the positive portrayal of female sexuality in America. We need more erotic sensuality and passion in our lives, not Miss America contest diamond tiaras for our breasts.

Victoria’s Secret Needs To Take A Cleansing Breath, Then Watch ‘Barbarella’ Anne of Carversville