Marcin Kempski Flashes Clarence Haaster In A Jungle Style Feast For Vogue Poland April 2019

Clarence-Haaster-Marcin-Kempski-Vogue-Poland-April-2019- (3).jpg

Model Clarence Haaster enjoys a fashion romp with animal prints, styled by Karolina Gruszecka in images by Marcin Kempski for Vogue Poland April 2019. / Hair by Michal Bielecki

Haaster is not alone in adoring giraffe tails, which are highly-prized by many African cultures. Today, dangerously-endangered giraffes are killed often for their meat, being so large they feed terrorist movements in the Congo and Central Africa for months.

Historically, though — and as recently as 2016 in a sad, sad story recorded by National Geographic — the desire for good-luck bracelets, fly whisks, and thread for sewing or string beads in Africa and into the global market for endangered species body parts, has led people to kill giraffes for their precious tails.