Magdalena Martynowicz Mixes Glam With Grit, Lensed By Duo Linn For L'Officiel Vietnam

Duo-Linn-LOfficiel-Vietnam-Magdalena-Martynowicz- (10).jpg

Model Magdalena Martynowicz is styled by Jenn Rosado, contrasting glittering glamour with the not so functional New York subway system. Photographer Duo Linn is behind the lens for L’Officiel Vietnam./ Makeup by Praesakow Gwen Sangchai; hair by Tomoaki Sato

We’re thrilled to see Magdalena clutching a March On message on her copy of the New York Daily News. Reality is that my heart just hit the floor, reading on Foreign Policy that the Trump Administration is prepared to walk from the landmark 1995 UN Beijing Declaration. Trump seeks to break with our European allies yet again, and side with Saudi Arabia — I AM NOT LYING — in support of striking any references to female or gender from the resolution.

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N for management and reform, Cherith Norman Chalet claims that America is now in fact leading the charge on women’s issues by “protecting the gift of life”. Simply stated — by rolling back abortion and birth control rights, the Trump administration is pro women’s rights. Chalet believes that she’s implementing God’s will.

I don’t know how to describe Cherith Norman Chalet; previously I would have said she is a woman — but I know that is out of step with today’s progressives. It’s also very possible that many of todays progressives agree with striking gender from the 1995 Beijing Declaration, a crushing blow to millions of people worldwide who used to not think twice about calling themselves women.

How about this? The people who need birth control, maternal care, abortion rights, the right to be educated in societies that choose to only educate people who appear as boys, the burqa-wearing humans who are lashed in the public square for allowing a glimpse of their ankle to be seen in public — these humans will be dramatically impacted by the US now siding with Saudi Arabia and Iran against the historic UN Beijing Declaration. Hopefully, I didn’t offend anyone, but I assure that there’s a reason why AOC no longer accepts comments. One year in police protection is enough for me.