Doutzen Kroes Takes 'A New Direction' In Activism, Lensed By Sebastian Kim For The Edit Sept. 21, 2017


Supermodel Doutzen Kroes is turning her focus to acting, writes Jane Mulkerrins in her Doutzen interview for The Edit September 21, 2017. Kroes fronts 'A New Direction', lensed by Sebastian Kim in looks styled by Tracy Taylor.

The Dutch supermama also talks activism and saving elephants, a Doutzen Kroes passion that we've tracked religiously, considering AOC's own passion to saving elephants. 

Kroes hung up her Victoria's Secret angel wings in 2014, but has maintained lucrative contracts with brands such as Tiffany & Co. and L'Oreal.  Kroes' #KnotOnMyPlanet just launched its second collection with Tiffany's Save the Wild collection to the Elephant Crisis Fund). A Kroes posse of VIPs including Cara Delevingne, Joan Smalls and Candice Swanepoel wear the jewelry -- showcased here on AOC's GlamTribale blog. 

Lamenting the fact that her son Phyllon, now six, wants his own iPhone, Doutzen sighs but then praises the positive uses of technology. “It’s given models a voice: you can have an opinion, mobilize and raise awareness, and it doesn’t take much effort. We can use our power and influence for good.”

“I always wondered, ‘What do I do that is good for the world?’” says Kroes. “Now, I have found my purpose.” We've written about Doutzen for years and don't often read new revelations but learning that as a kid, the big-hearted beauty wanted to move to Borneo and work with orangutans is smile-worthy. 

On the subject of model shapes and sizes, Doutzen Kroes allows that she didn't break into modeling so easily. 

She was, at first, constantly rejected for being “too beautiful”. “It was the time of heroin-chic, and I was too commercial-looking,” she shrugs. “I was a little bigger than the other girls; I would have fitted better in the ’90s.” 

As for her acting, Doutzen is passing on most roles, because she's required to play the girl that the husband cheats on. "So there are a lot of nos. I don't want to be just the pretty woman. How about her daughter Myllena becoming a model, Mulkerrins asks. “I don’t know,” Kroes muses. “Now, everyone just wants to be famous. I want my girl to aspire to become a president.” 

Doutzen Kroes talks about the transitory nature of today's modeling world -- a key factor in why AOC uses the name 'supermodel' very sparingly. We also expect the title to be tied to a girl's earnings and not the size of her Instagram feed. The two should go together while the talent/model build's her brand.

The modeling world has changed measurably since Kroes’ debut on the catwalk. “There was a group of ten of us [including Gisele Bündchen, Agyness Deyn and Alessandra Ambrosio] that did everything,” she says. “When Cindy [Crawford] was modeling, it was six of them that did everything. Now, there are very few girls that survive season to season – they last for one and they’re gone. The ones that last are all popular on social media.”