Agnete Hegelund Is Fuzzy Sporty In Baard Lunde Images For Glamour Italy October 2017


Talent Agnete Hegelund takes sporty looks in a new direction, styled by Valentina Di Pinto in fuzzy modern stripings. Slipper slides never had it so good. Photographer Baard Lunde at ADB Agency is in the studio for Glamour Italia October 2017./ Makeup by Karin Borromeo; hair by Marco Minunno

You will see shortly on Anne of Carversville an ongoing discussion of copyright issues in the fashion, culture and advertising industries. Yes, It's launched by legal copyright concerns around our digital future in an industry that is the Wild West at this moment, with few rules or procedures around posting images. But it's also an attempt to reflect on our work and how we interact with each other qualitatively.

Checking on Baard Lunde's ADB Agency just now, I'm impressed by Angela de Bona's business philosophy, words we all should live by. Here is a sampling:

Accountability. . . Altruism . . . Ambition . . . Commitment . . . Compassion. . . Discipline . . . Dynamism . . . Equality . . . Fairness . . . Hard work . . . Insightfulness . . . Humility . . . Joy . . . Justice . . .  and so much more