Ayobami Okelunie + Ivanka Smilenko Color Pop To Fall For ELLE UK July 2019 By Laura Sciacovelli

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Ayobami Okelunie + Ivanka Smilenko Color Pop To Fall For ELLE UK July 2019 By Laura Sciacovelli

Models Ayobami Okekunle and Ivanka Smilenko are styled by Jenny Kennedy in Light & Shade’, transitional luxe looks with major color pops. Photographer Laura Sciacovelli is in the studio for ELLE UK July 2019./ Hair by Seb Bascle; makeup by Marion Robine

Shannan Click Is Lensed By Laura Sciacovelli In 'Private Shannan' For ELLE Italia January 19, 2019

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Model mom Shannan Click takes readers into her life away from runways, styled by Amelianna Loiacono in ‘Private Shannan’. Photographer Laura Sciacovelli captures Shannan as an artist for ELLE Italia January 19, 2019./ Hair by Johnny Sapong; makeup by Kathy Jeung

Shannan and long-time partner, actor Jack Huston have two children a boy Cypress Night and older sister Sage Davinia. Information about her evolving work as an artist is VERY difficult to find.

Marique Schimmel Fronts 'Safari Deluxe' | The Woolly Mammoths Are Coming

Marique Schimmel Fronts 'Safari Deluxe' Lensed By Laura Sciacove Nciacovelli for Marie Claire Italy's May 2017 'Safari Deluxe'.

Safari looks in May magazines are standard fare -- except for Maria Grazia Chiuri presenting her first cruise collection for Christian Dior on May 11 at the Upper Los Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve in Calabasas, Ca. Continuing her design inspiration inspired by strong women worldwide, Chiuri turned to stellar American artist Georgia O'Keeffe,  along with the writings of feminist shamanic author Vicki Noble. The LATimes writes

Although all of the pieces bearing the Lascaux-inspired imagery caught the eye, the most memorable were the full skirts, sleeveless dresses and blazers that rendered the drawings of oxen, deer and horses in a silk jacquard that had a dusty golden cast to it.

AOC covered the opening of France's new exhibition center Lascaux 4, a full-size replica of the ancient cave paintings in the Dordogne region of France. 

Nicolas St-Cyr, artistic decorator of Lascaux-4, officially known as the International Centre for Cave Paintings, is one of the few to have visited the real Lascaux. “It’s very special. You have the feeling you are in the presence of man 22,000 years ago when you see the paintings. These were talented artists, working by the light of animal oil lamps, and it’s like they were done yesterday. I was trembling when I came out.”

Virtually all of the Lascaux paintings are of animals, and 'no' there are no woolly mammoths portrayed in the caves. But the Rouffignac cave nearby, with paintings from the same time period, is best known for the large number of woolly mammoths on the walls. 


Woolly mammoth bone jewelry and hand-crafted woolly mammoth decoupage beads 10,000-100,000 years old are core elements in AOC's GLAMTRIBALE Jewelry Collection

When I read that Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri honored the Lascaux cave paintings, it was time to get cracking. We are soooooo on the same wave length. Note that AOC also has a long relationship with American painter Georgia O'Keeffe. But today's focus is the Lascaux cave paintings, human ancestry and GLAMTRIBALE woolly mammoth jewelry, using featherweight, decoupage woolly mammoth beads and/or woolly mammoth bone beads.