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GlamTribal Jewelry Now Shipped by Amazon | PRIME Members Rejoice!

Our first 10 styles of GlamTribal Earrings are now shipped by Amazon USA. The goal is to move 90% of our GlamTribal inventory into Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). International friends can buy the jewelry from, with shipping across the globe.

GlamTribal Jewelry and Anne of Carversville are passionate about elephants . . . like forever . . . like since I was a little girl. It was decades later in 2010, when I learned about woolly mammoths after seeing our adored former First Lady Michelle Obama wearing woolly mammoth ivory jewelry as part of a symposium on saving elephants.

At GlamTribal, we’re only talking mammoth bones beads in our jewelry. Nada ivory. Never.

Michelle Obama-Woolly-Mammoth-Jewelry-collage.jpg

Debate ensued from day one — noted then on Tree Hugger — that promoting long-dead woolly mammoth ivory as an ecological, sustainable and ethical alternative to murdering elephants was a win-win for all parties involved in the debate. Almost a decade later, the significant supply of woolly mammoth ivory on the global market has not stopped the killing of elephants for their ivory.

AOC has tracked both sides of the debate for years now, most recently with the decision at the August 2019 CITES conference — also known as World Wildlife Conference — in Geneva to table the Israeli proposal to declare the long-extinct woolly mammoth an endangered species until the 2022 meeting.

GlamTribal Jewelry only uses woolly mammoth bone beads, and bone beads from other mammoth species.

Forest Elephants Are Our Allies in the Fight Against Climate Change, Say Researchers

Forest Elephants Are Our Allies in the Fight Against Climate Change, Say Researchers

Forest elephant extinction would exacerbate climate change. That’s according to a new study in Nature Geoscience which links feeding by elephants with an increase in the amount of carbon that forests are able to store.

The bad news is that African forest elephants – smaller and more vulnerable relatives of the better known African bush elephant – are fast going extinct. If we allow their ongoing extermination to continue, we will be also worsening climate change. The good news is that if we protect and conserve these elephants, we will simultaneously fight climate change.

Zoë Kravitz Chills With Michelob Ultra In Superbowl Sunday Quiet Moments Commercial

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Zoë Kravitz Chills With Michelob Ultra In Superbowl Sunday Quiet Moments Commercial

ELLE US shares Zoë Kravitz’s upcoming Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Sunday commercial, and it’s as chill as she is. Kravitz has made drinking beer — well, soothing. The ‘Big Little Lies’ actor whispers quietly into two giant microphones, opening her bottle of Michelob Ultra against a lush green vista of low-range mountains and cascading waterfalls.

Directed by Emma Wastenberg with a mostly female production team, the commercial is positively tranquil, a palate cleanser in a raucous, high-stakes football game.

Love those earrings Zoë Kravitz!

zoe kravitz earrings-1 12919-.jpg

We can’t get a good look at Zoe’s earrings, but they share design DNA with GlamTribal™ Double Sweet Pink Elephants Bone Tagua Earrings. A new design adaptation is in the offing.

EP722 Double Sweet Pink Elephants Bone Tagua Earrings


Sizing: 3 1/4" L top of wire to bottom of tagua slice, bone tube 1" L

Finding: TierraCast, copper-plated nobium, 15mm antique copper fishhook w/2mm copper coil and open loop. Form is human size earlobe to neck.

10% of retail price supports Kibera (Nairobi) School for Girls and elephant conservation in Kenya

Materials: Studio: featherweight rose-brown-gold w/14K gold flecks polymer clay beads, 4 hand-enamel brass elephants (hanging loose front and back of tagua slices). Other: painted bone tubes; tagua slices, leather

Handcrafted in America; natural variations and minor substitutions for sizing apply. Statue not included. Earrings shipped in burlap pouch w/recycled tissue. 

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EYE: Alessandra Ambrosio For Numero Russia #53 | Alessandra + Nicoli Oddi +Alanui | GlamTribal Woolly Mammoth Jewelry

Alanui-Sp 2018 collection.jpg

EYE: Alessandra Ambrosio For Numero Russia #53 | Alessandra + Nicoli Oddi +Alanui | GlamTribal Woolly Mammoth Jewelry

Supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio owns three covers of Numero Russia issue #53, edited with a look a fashion’s future: NATURAL, EDGY and SENSUAL. Ovidiu Buta styles Alessandra in a faux fur Max Mara coat, a MM6 Maison Margiela t-shirt, Comme des Garcons coat and more for images by Elio Nogueira.

Alessandra Ambrosio’s relationship with Nicolò Oddi is going strong.

Alessandra was first seen with Italian fashion designer Oddi at the September 2018 Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Milan.

Nicolò Oddi launched his fashion label, Alanui, in 2016 with his sister and business partner Carlotta Oddi. The label carries over-sized cardigans designed for the nomad in each of us with the brand’s name meaning “large path” in Hawaiian.

From the first day I saw Alanui, I’ve connected it in spirit to my GlamTribal Design Jewelry + Gifts.

Woolly Mammoths were among the earth’s original nomadic creatures and while my primary focus is their migration out of Africa, they eventually made their way to what is now the American Southwest, a great source of inspiration for Alanui.

GlamTribal Goddess Shell Lava Necklace Is Pure Winnie Harlow Parisian Elegance


GlamTribal Goddess Shell Lava Necklace Is Pure Winnie Harlow Parisian Elegance

Winnie Harlow’s Parisian Elegance Inspire GlamTribal Tribal Goddess Shell Lava Necklace See blog post

Top model Winnie Harlow is styled by Camille Seydoux in hyper-feminine, couture beauty, lensed in Paris by Jacques Burga for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America November 2018.

Winnie Harlow is a total goddess, not only in fashion shoots but also her humanitarian work. Looking at these fashion images, I was immediately inspired by our GlamTribal NS106 Tribal Goddess Creme Green Shells Lava Necklace w/Earrings $95.

Just like Winnie’s Paris fashion editorial, this fusion of modern beauty with our ancient roots is the heart of GlamTribal’s appeal to women with artistic, humanitarian spirits.

Eye| Nicolo & Carlotta Oddi Show Alanui's S/S 2018 Collection | GlamTribal Woolly Mammoth Jewelry

Alanui-sweater-knits-SS18- (3).jpg

Nicolo & Carlotta Oddi Show Alanui's Spring/Summer Collection At Pitti Uomo

Carlotta Oddi cut her design chops as a styling assistant to Anna Dello Russo at Vogue Japan, although her design aesthetic couldn't be more different than Russo's. Oddi describes herself as a true bohemian at heart, describing her own design aesthetic as 'chameleonic/eclectic'. in general, a crossover brew of different world inspirations."

Brother Nicolò Oddi developed the knitwear brand under the name Alanui, which translates to 'large path' in Hawaiian. 

Alanui has started its journey as a brand with a collection that focuses on a single item, produced in a variety of patterns: a buttonless oversized jacquard cashmere cardigan, edged with a dense fringe and closed with a two-tone belt. That’s it: an adaptable piece with no immediate gender connotation and no season. The colorful jacquards pay homage to the Indian America iconography, but this is just the beginning of a path that can lead in many different directions.

GlamTribal Design Jewelry & Gifts is inspired by the migration of humanity and animals out of Africa. In our pursuit of elephant conservation and news around the perils of elephant conservation in the modern world, we met mammoths, and woolly mammoths in particular. 

Elephants no longer live in the American Southwest or in the south of France, near the caves of Lascaux. They live in Africa, imperiled by the insatiable greed of humans in pursuit of ivory.

In the last two years, woolly mammoths have emerged as a strong design influence for GlamTribal, unifying collections like Alanui's American Southwest, native people's inspiration with tribal heritages in Africa. We regularly use their bone beads and our featherweight decoupage wooden beads with woolly mammoth imagery in our jewelry designs. 

When we began our woolly mammoth journey, the tie supported concerns about elephant extinction and also the religious disputes around creationism and human evolution. I've spoken with customers at high-quality artisan shows who told me that it was impossible that the woolly mammoth bones were 10,000-100,000 years old because God made the world much more recently. 

I do not have the patience for these conversations and generally end them quickly. A recent discovery near a highway in San Diego -- the bones and teeth of a mastodon dated at 130,000 years -- is rewriting our scientific understanding of when humans first reached North America. 

We delight, however, in the emergence of the woolly mammoth -- and mammoths generally -- as a unifying element in linking our human evolution heritage globally, leaving no doubt that GlamTribal's woolly mammoth jewelry looks simply fabulous with the gorgeous, over-sized sweaters from Alanui's spring/summer 2018 collection. 

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