Will Poor People Die, Feeding A Human Fat Supply To Beauty Doctors?

It’s now possible for women to forego breast implants and undergo fat injections into their breasts instead. Presumably, the fat comes from a woman’s own body, but must it?

The article Your Own Fat, Relocated appeared in the Thursday Style section of the NYTimes. Like most commentators, my reaction was: why can’t women just learn to love their bodies? In our ongoing discussion of Body Image here at A of C, women are under a relentless challenge and onslaught to be better versions of themselves.

This season, we must be Bombshells, amping our busts by two cup sizes — all disappearing before his (her) thirsty eyes, when we undress. 

I want to share the exact thought that went through my mind, reading this article on fat implants, because it was a chilling one. My professional job is to connect trend dots, and I’ve learned never to disregard the flights of fancy my creative mind emplolys when activated.

1. Fat implants in breasts are more natural and desirable than siicone.

2. The target woman for this procedure is most likely a fastioniasta woman, one who works religiously not to be fat at all.

3. Beyond America’s obsession with bigger breasts, fat replacement becomes an issue in the aging process, particularly for thin women who tend to get saggy, baggy skin with little fat to hold things together in knees, hands and other parts of the body.

4. If the human body accepts liver transplants and many other organs, why not other people’s fat?

5.A couple weeks ago, I posted a revolting story Peruvian Police Bust Gang Murdering Victims for Beauty Fat.

6. Do I believe that it’s possible that poor people in developing countries will be murdered, their fat melted as described above in #5, to feed the vanity of women without enough of their own fat to use in these cosmetic procedures?

7. Yes, I do.

There is no doubt in my mind that unscrupulous doctors will open plush clinics around the world and women will choose not to ask where the fat came from.

Cadavers, perhaps? Should regulators insist that proper documents assure the woman that her fat came from a person whose death came naturally, from known circumstances?

I shudder at the thought of where this evolution in plastic surgery will take us. Worse yet, I had no doubts that my worst fears will be realized. I predict this trend with 100% certainty. Vanity has no limits in the modern world.  Anne

Read Your Own Fat, Relocated via NYTimes

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