Sarah Jessica Parker | The Model of Femininity?

Sarah Jessica Parker appearing gaunt enough for Karl Lagerfled.

Karl Lagerfeld makes no bones about the fact that any self-respecting woman is thin. We’re wondering is Sarah Jessica Parker qualifies as thin enough?

‘Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker leads the ‘a woman can never be too thin’ brigade of modern fashionistas. Granted this is an unfortunate photo of Parker. We actually thought it was Michael Jackson at first glance.

If Sarah Jessica Parker is the beautiful woman role model for American women, we say ‘basta’.

Brittle bones, loss of libido, dry skin and hair, frequent infertility. It’s too much to ask of women.

Let’s just get healthy, OK? Let’s get moving, wean ourselves of fast food, get into the gym, make salads and take walks in the park. But let’s not tell ourselves that Sarah Jessica Parker is our role model for good health and female sex appeal.

Please give us back the 80s supermodels!!

This is a no-win battle, and we must say ‘enough’. Anne

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