Entertainment Weekly's SATC2 Remake of Kim Cattrall

sex and the city entertainment weekly cover

Jezebel has done an expose on the extensive photoshopping of the Sex and the City girls by Entertainment Weekly. Their focus is the arms, and I’ll leave you to Jezebel for the body breakdown.

I’m focused on the faces and especially some editor’s need to make Kim Cattrall look 25. If she wasn’t with the others, I wouldn’t recognize Samantha. This cover is another example of the needs of editors and graphic artists to remake women in their own vision. The ‘real deal’ isn’t good enough.

Samantha’s real personality is totally gone, transformed into a sweet young thing, just like Carrie.

E! Online writes:

Poor Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis and Kim Cattrall have been so Photoshopped for all the press leading up to the sequel that they’re starting to look like cartoons, which is fitting seeing how the series has become a giant fairy tale. via E! Online

As a reminder, this is what the actresses look like in real life — better than this Entertainment Weekly cover, wouldn’t you say?

sex and the city actresses

American women are finally responding to a desire to be recognized for who we are, and not some 23-year-old graphic artists vision of who we should be.  European women don’t deal with this endless Disneyification of their looks.

Carrie lost us after obsessing all day over her “morning fart episode.” Can the quartet hold on to our American imagination with their Cinderella story of shoes and grand sorties?  SATC2 is debuting in a tricky popular culture landscape this summer.

Even we were shocked this week, when Hoda and Kathie Lee jumped on the all-natural trend train this morning when they appeared entirely makeup-free on “The Today Show.” In a frankly courageous act of self-revelation, Hoda and Kathie Lee were joined by Meredith Viera and Ann Curry and Natalie Morales in going on camera without makeup.

Hoda and Kathie Lee Go Without Makeup on Today Show

Given the state of today’s world, will American women even relate to SATC2 as positively this time? There was a time when one wouldn’t consider criticizing the movie, but there’s lots of buzz now that there was nothing liberating about “Sex and the City”, except inspiring women to max out their credit cards.

Given its own DNA, “Sex and the City” has tall stilettos to fill. Covers like the total airbrushing job on Entertainment Weekly do nothing to recement the relationship between the show and American women.