Alessandra + Aline Ambrosio and Gisele Cória Launch GAL Floripa Swimwear Honoring Female Spirit

Alessandra-Ambrosio-GAL-Floripa-Stewart-Shining-Floripa (2).jpg

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is joined by soulsisters Aline Ambrosio, her real life sister, and best friend Gisele Cória on the new campaign for GAL Floripa. The trio seeks “to create a lifestyle brand with purpose to inspire women to embrace their femininity with a holistic approach”, writes GAL Floripa.

The name "GAL Floripa" symbolizes the synergy among Gisele + Alessandra + Aline and the location where it was created and inspired by, Floripa. We share a short digital trip to the island of Floripa in Brazill.

“Growing up in Brazil, Gisele, Aline and I spent most of our summers together by the beach, immersed in the natural beauty of Florianopolis, known as “The Magic Island”, and spending almost every moment of the day in our swimwear,” said Alessandra Ambrosio, co-founder of the brand.  “It makes sense that swimwear became like a second skin.

Stewart Shining captures the debut collection featuring metallic two-piece sets, bandeau style one-pieces and classic bikinis. Prices start at $88 and go up to $228.

Ironically, the core message of GAL Floripa is very different from that of Victoria’s Secret, Alessandra’s alma mater. This dissonance in brand DNA resonates on the GAL Floripa website. Note that the actual sizing is S-M-L, with Alessandra wearing a S. This inclusive message isn’t actually reflected in product sizing at the moment. Rather this message of sisterhood is very timely and clearly a go-forward branding direction.

I am beautiful in every shape, form and size. That type of beauty that comes from spirit, not related to flesh and bone.