Lots of Moles | Ageless Beauty, Good Skin, Stronger Bones, Taut Muscles

Are moles part of Cindy Crawford’s secret for youthful aging?Researchers at King’s College have established a fascinating correlation between people with lots of moles and their youthful approach to aging. A study of 1200 identicial and non-identical female twins, aged 18-79, showed that having 100 moles on their bodies was a positive marker for fewer wrinkles, stronger bones, and tauter muscles.

The researchers are further investigating whether people with moles are also protected against failing eyesight, and even heart disease.

The beauty news is that having 100 moles, affecting about 10-15 percent of the white population, is associated with looking at least seven years younger. In that special group of people who continue to grow moles after age 40, the skin stays relatively wrinkle-free and smooth.

The average person has 30-40 tiny moles dotted over their bodies, while some have as many as 400. In terms of the alleged health benefits of having 100 or more moles, these people carry white blood cells with extra long ‘telemores’ — the spare end of chromosomes in each cell that carry the genetic material allowing it to replicate. These cells replicate more times before they die.

The research rejected the suggestion that lots of moles are a marker for skin cancer. via News.com.au

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