'Golden Barbie' Jasmine Sanders Is Flashed By Mariano Vivanco For Lui November 2016

Rising talent Jasmine Sanders is styled by Teddy Czopp in Mariano Vivanco images for Lui Magazine November 2016./ Makeup by Niki M'nray; hair by Ward Stegerhoek

Jasmine Sanders put her name on the map earlier this year, joining Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Taylor Hill as part of Miu Miu's star-studded cast. Vogue picked up the story in Look Out! 'Golden Barbie' Is Ready for Her Moment. Sanders' Instagram feed has moved from 1.4 to 1.9 million followers since March 2016. 

As it turns out, “Golden Barbie” is a nickname that she’s had since childhood. “I had a teacher who used to call me Goldilocks in school because of my curls, and my friends used to tell me I looked like a life-size Barbie,” says Sanders. “One day, my sister and I were playing around with silly usernames for social media, and we put the two together. ‘Golden Barbie’ had a ring to it that I liked, so I stuck with it. I’m actually thankful my following knows me as Golden Barbie, versus some of the other names we suggested!” Looking at Sanders’s doll-like features, it’s easy to see why the moniker stuck, and it only takes a click on the corresponding #goldenbarbie hashtag to catch a glimpse of Sanders’s online popularity, with countless imitators, fan accounts, and makeup tutorials dedicated to her look.

Jasmine Sanders was born in Germany and grew up in South Caroline. She now lives in LA, where she is a self-proclaimed sports fanatic. Not just watching from the fan section, Jasmine grew up playing volleyball, basketball and soccer. Sports Illustrated interviewed Golden Barbie in the casting calls for the 2017 SI Swimsuit issue.