Superyoung Sensuality | Sex & Exercise Take Away 10 Years

Fountain of Youth

Few of us are immune from our national obsession with looking younger. I’ve always argued that we should be able to age gracefully in American culture, but I admit that I enjoy being among the Superyoung. I like catching the eye or receiving a nod of recognition from men 20 years younger than I am.

Being Superyoung through good sex, a sexy superfood diet, and physical exercise makes me feel energetic and radiant, inside and out. You can be Superyoung, too.

Look 10 years Younger, Starting Today

You can’t help but notice these people, the ones who have smooth and radiant skin, trim and typically-toned bodies, and boundless energy. They exude some kind of inner essence, some mojo that invites you to look at life through their eyes. Whatever their biological age, they seem to be much younger. Oh yes, they smile a lot.

We tire of looking at the them, accusing these pampered chosen few of living on trust funds or having cushy corporate jobs with no stress.

Dr. David Weeks, of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, interviewed more than 3,500 of these intriguing people, aged 18 to 102, in his 18-year study that produced “Secrets of the Superyoung: The Scientific Reasons Some People Look Ten Years Younger Than They Really Are—And How You Can, Too”.

Besides often having younger spouses and lovers, these Superyoung men and women are an extraordinary group of people with keen minds, altruistic spirits, and an extra dose of self-confidence. They have an appetite for living.

Life confronts and challenges the Superyoung, just as it confronts you and me. The truth is, they handle the challenge and stress of daily life differently. They are CEOs of their own Life Management Systems.

The people voted on who is Superyoung in the research of Dr. Weeks. From a group of 10,000 men and women who believed they looked 10 years younger than their biological age, a panel chose 3,500 people who survived the scrutiny of others estimating their age based on current photos.

Only after being vetted by by others estimating their ages, did Dr. Weeks survey the lifestyle habits of his Superyoung population.

Habits of the Superyoung

As Dr. Weeks dug deeper into the secrets of the Superyoung, he concluded that a person’s genetic makeup is only 25% responsible for being Superyoung. The remaining 75% is behavioral, meaning that you and I have control over whether or not we become Superyoung.

DNA may constitute 75% of your chances of living to be 100 years old, but behavior makes us Superyoung.

When Dr. Weeks reviewed all his data, two characteristics stood out among the Superyoung. At the top of his pyramid were two words that most of America doesn’t want to hear: sex and exercise.

The two primary characteristics of the Superyoung are that they exercise regularly and enjoy a robust sex life, one that is significantly more active for their age group in both quality and quantity, and usually in the context of a loving relationship.

When analyzing the sex and exercise habits of the Superyoung, Dr. Weeks concluded that:

• Regular aerobic exercise for about 40 minutes daily can add as much as 12 years to your life.
• The equivalent of three brisk one-mile walks a week is sufficient to help you look between five to eight years younger in middle and later years.
• Improving the quality of your sex life can help you to look between four and seven years younger.

Your decision to exercise, rather than eat another bonbon, suddenly has new meaning. And if you must eat the bonbon, make it dark chocolate and eat it in bed with your wife. Then make love, as part of your new commitment to exercise.

Every time you reach orgasm, the hormone DHEA increases in response to sexual excitement and ejaculation. DHEA can boost your immune system, repair tissue, improve cognition, keep skin healthy, and even work as an anti-depressant. Researchers speculate that if you keep the orgasms coming, you have a good chance of living longer.

According to Dr. Weeks, any exercise as vigorous as sexual intercourse also acts to trigger a small release of human growth hormone. HGH is primarily secreted in short, sharp bursts, which occur approximately seven times a day. These bursts can arise spontaneously or after several different sorts of internal or external stimulation. Many of the effects of growth hormone substances, the somatomedins or insulin-like growth factors, both of which reduce fatty tissue and increase lean muscle in various parts of the body, giving a more youthful appearance. Of course, these secretions are not only triggered by sex; sleeping dreams and waking fantasies may also cause the process to take place. (Weeks, Superyoung p. 84)

Science of Superyoung

How is it possible that couples who have loving sex at least three times a week, look years younger than adults who manage it twice a week? We will break down all the research on our trip to Portofino.

In summary, the key science around why quality, loving sex with a trusted partner makes you Superyoung targets these questions.

What is the relationship between human growth hormone (HGH) and sexual frequency? What is the negative impact of stress on the aging process; and what is the association between sexual frequency and stress reduction? What other hormones and endorphins are released through sexual activity, and what is their impact on the aging process? If we consider sex as a form of physical exercise, does it produce the same youthful benefits as other forms of physical activity?

What else do scientists know about living longer through good sex?

Sex and Longevity

Can I give you a firm guarantee that you will experience maximum longevity with good sex and physical exercise? No. I cannot promise you that if you have orgasms three times a week and work out five hours each week, you will not drop dead at 55. Statistically, a small percentage of people who lead healthy lifestyles die every year anyway.

These facts of life do not invalidate my argument. If each of you makes significant lifestyle changes resulting in increased physical and sexual activity, along with major diet changes, our group will live longer, happier, more productive lives. The odds increase significantly that you will be in this group.

Doctors and researchers are 100% convinced that regular exercise will significantly reduce your probability of getting several deadly diseases. Scientists are 100% convinced that good sex decreases stress, the number one health problem for women in the world, according to the World Health Organization. Doctors are 100% convinced that stress is a trigger for other deadly illnesses.

These facts make the CEO life-management challenge the right one for me to give you. Today’s pep rally is our big picture vision, but I’ll break down all the science for you in the coming chapters.

Our culture is changing. Instead of reprimanding us our bad behavior choices, especially our poor eating habits and lack of exercise, today’s health professionals are more dedicated to providing information and educating us about the benefits of good life-management choices.

Doctors and other health professionals now give us explicit “permission” and encouragement to embrace and enjoy life in new ways.

Make no mistake; America remains a fundamentally conservative society and not one that embraces pleasure, unless it’s our freedom to eat as much food and buy as many shoes as business can sell us.  

In the last decade, consumption has replaced sex, which is superb for business but bad for us in more ways than I can list.

Being a CEO of your own life can be exhilarating and much more fun than being sick, stressed out, unhappy, and a mere observer of life who has cut up your credit cards. “I can’t”, is not in our vocabulary because it’s so clear that you can.

Enjoying life and experiencing pleasure are now seen as positive, proactive life choices that result in positive health benefits.

Responsible Pleasure Now Promotes Good Health

Bottom line, I say that physical intimacy and exercise are your best defense against aging and bad health. This potent duo is a far cheaper prescription than any skin-enhancing cosmetic cream you can buy or any pill in your bathroom. It’s a sure-fire way to fight getting the “blues”.  And it’s a major contributor in keeping couples out of divorce court.

If pure pleasure isn’t reason enough to encourage more sex at your house, consider making life-extending health benefits and looking young, the inspiration to hop back into bed with your numero uno.

In a major shift in emphasis on sex as primarily a reproductive function, scientists now consider a healthy, pleasurable sex life as fundamental to our overall life-management system. With this change in attitude and emphasis, we can expect new, long-term research studies around the health benefits of good sex.

We don’t seek an adversarial relationship with brands and big pharma. As business people ourselves, we understand why corporations haven’t replicated the research of Dr. David Week’s in America and around the globe.

Convincing you that exercise, sexy and healthy eating and responsible sensual pleasure will do more to make you ageless than lotions, potions and pills is not what businesses — who benefit from your insecurities and bad habits — what you want to hear.

American culture overemphasizes how you look. Fine then. Dr. Weeks walked right into the lions den, making physical appearance the core of his research on being Superyoung and arguing that it doesn’t cost a pocketbook fortune to look Superyoung.