Daniella Midenge Delivers Kinga's Tropical Punch For InStyle Germany June 14, 2019

LA-based photographer Daniella Midenge makes a lasting impression with her fashion images and self-portraits. Theresa Pichler styles Kinga Trojan of New York Models in attention-demanding images by Midenge for InStyle Germany June 14, 2019 issue.

Daniella Midenge was interviewed by ‘La Maison Rebelle’ in January 2019, and it’s an excellent read. For openers:

“The first time I met Daniella was recently and at her home hidden away atop the Hollywood hills in a midcentury masterpiece. It was a cool night in December as she was preparing a lovely butternut squash with a dash of cinnamon. It didn’t take long before we were discussing the Hadron collider, ancient civilizations, the moon, humankind, art and of course, her outstanding body of work . . . “

The photographer’s own self-portraits are damn captivating as well. They capture Midenge’s answers to the question: What do you hope to portray through your images?

Answer: Emotions, humor, sex appeal, vulnerability and strength particularly in females.

Daniella Midenge.com; Daniella Midenge Instagram

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