Andreea Diaconu Explores New Zealand's Spirit, Lensed By Lachlan Bailey For Holiday Magazine No.383


Model Andreea Diaconu is styled by Anastasia Barbieri in images by Lachlan Bailey for Holiday Magazine No. 383, The Spring/Summer 2019 issue devoted to New Zealand./ Hair by Sophie Roberts; makeup by Sandra Cooke

As Holiday Magazine writes on their Instagram, they had been working on the New Zealand issue for months “trying to highlight the beauty of the country and the openmindedness of its people. The deeply shocking events in Christchurch last week make it all the more important to show what New Zealand is really all about. “

Andreea poses besides one of New Zealand’s more quirky tourist attractions, the Cardona Bra Fence. Located in Central Otago, the fence came to life around 1999, when four bras mysteriously appeared overnight on a fence in the Cardona Valley Road. ‘Stuffy’ locals objected, inspiring passerby people to add their own bras to the fence, as they drove by.

Eventually a bra thief cut away the bras during the night, resulting in an avalanche of bras so numerous that the fence had to be moved from the main highway to the driveway entrance of Kelly Spaans and Sean Colbourne's horse trekking and quad biking business "The Cardrona".

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