Oriol Elcacho & Davinia Pepegri | Nico | El Pais Semanal

Note | Nudity Nico delivers a sensually smashing and sophisticated editorial for El Pais Semanal featuring real life couple Oriol Elcacho and Davinia Pepegri.

Is Spain replacing France as the official center of sensual hotnss? The impact of Brazil in reinforcing the trend can’t be underestimated? Vogue Spain is much more sensually dynamic that the new Vogue Paris.

I sense a strong crosscurrent between Spain and Brazil brewing. This is the Carine Roitfeld effect, Spainish style and mainstream besides. El Pais is to Spain what Figaro is to France.

In America — well we would have a bloody heart attack over this editorial in a mainstream publication. The publication would be shut down pronto.  Anne


via Anatomik