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Note| Full frontal nudity  The new issue of Muse Magazine is curated by glamour hair stylist Luigi Murenu. Shot by Daniele Duella and Iango Henzi, the new Muse is a stunner. We preview all 8 collectors’ covers, a frankly sensual glimpse of the editorials and wonderful comments from Luigi Murenu about the issue.

I think today’s fashion is afraid to take risks and in this project we wanted to be totally free and anarchic, I would say more freestyle.  …

Poet Edgar Lee Masters wrote: “And catch the winds of destiny wherever they drive the boat”. You must not be afraid of daring, you must get on with it and even go wrong. Sometimes I failed, but what matters is that I did it… .

While shooting these pictures I was not interested in the trend of the moment, I wanted to create a long-lasting something, devoted to all the women who inspire me and embody my style.  …  For sure, this is not a hair story, I even limited myself with hair in respect of the individuality of every model, I wanted to make them beautiful according to their own personality.

I am very much into women’s attitude: that is what I usually call my muses’ attitude.

I wanted to blend bad taste with good taste. As Marlene Dietrich said, as long as it’s not kitsch is fine. I think that a certain amount of bad taste makes things brilliant.

A perfect woman with a clashing element is very fascinating to me.

We are never attracted by perfection, we find it banal, in the end. My sources of inspiration have always been fashion, music, street style, cinema and art. I have always had strong references to music. Madonna, for instance, has always inspired me. She’s a beautiful woman with a boundless talent…

I’m dazzled by the relationship between two individuals, and I love people for what they are. The qualities I most appreciate in a person are clearness, generosity, honesty, and creativity. If we have it, it’s a good start. delivered this spectacular Monday morning editorial overview of the new Muse magazine. Simply brilliant! In Europe the creatives definitely know how to start the work week. Readers will be thrilled with the entire concept of today’s ideal Modern Muse.

For us she is a Smart Sensuality woman: brains, sensuality and heart. Anne