Andrej Pejic | Thomas Lohr | 'Boy Wonder' | StyleCaster

Andrej Pejic is interviewed on StyleCaster, with some new Thomas Lohr images and others previously published model phenomenon photos by Lohr, with styling by James Worthington DeMolet who also interviews Andrej. StyleCaster writes that the entire editorial will be published in The Block Magazine.

JWD asks Andrej about being a ‘face’ of the new androgyny movement, along with Lea T. Andrej answers:

Well I don’t think my situation and Lea T’s are completely different when it comes to our personal lives but that’s personal, for me at least. And I really think people should stop trying to categorize me because of their need for labels. When it comes to our professional lives, well she only does women’s wear and I think I cover more fields. Some people in the industry will use us in a very similar way to represent similar ideas and some will want me to be a bit different from her – more androgynous, more boyish or even sex-less rather than womanly. I think professionally I am capable of being very versatile.

Perhaps. If Andrej wants to not be typecast as a femme, then he should do more non-femme editorials like his fantastic one for Dazed & Confused April 2011, lensed by Anthony Maule. The images were starkly original and futuristic.

Andrej is great. But when he says he would have a sex change operation to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, then people assume he’s coming behind Lea T one day soon. A certain amount of typecasting happens to any person, when you only play one onscreen role. Actors and actresses have fought the challenge for decades. Anne


Photographer: Thomas Lohr; Stylist: James Worthington DeMolet; Makeup Artist: Samantha Trinh using Dior Cosmetics, Atelier Management; Hair Stylist: Sarah Sibia, See Management; Model: Andrej Pejic, DNA