Olivia Anakwe Awaits Her Moon Shoot by Marcin Kempski as Mixte FW 2019 Says 'Bye'

Model Olivia Anakwe is styled by Karolina Gruszecka in ‘Fly Me To The Moon’, a futuristic fashion story lensed by Marcin Kempski for Mixte Magazine’s FW Winter 2019 issue.

Editor Nathalie Fraser reflects on the history of Mixte, an adventure that has lasted nearly 15 years and 64 issue. Released in February 2005, the first issue on Mixte's team featured The Kills, shot by David Bailey. The last issue — at least under Fraser — is a moonshot.

At the time of writing, it is 40 ° C In Paris, the assembly has just voted CETA despite the exhortations of Greta Thunberg and Boris Johnson has been appointed prime minister of my country of origin. It's with a lot of nostalgia and a lot of pride that I'm closing my last issue of Mixte. Thank you to my "family" of the newspaper and to everyone I have met over the seasons. I am also embarking on an uncertain future. Destination ? Unknown. ?

Even a momentary positive note last week when scientists announced water vapor in a super-Earth’s atmosphere seems fleeting. As the announcement came, other scientists were cautioning that the planet – K2-18b – is probably less like a super-Earth and more like a mini-Neptune.