Tim Hill + James Finnigan Flash Polo Ralph Lauren Denim's 'Wear Your Story' Fall 2019

Stories are the building blocks of relationships, families, communities, dynasties, and eras. This reality is the cornerstone of proverbial storyteller Polo Ralph Lauren Denim’s fall 2019 campaign. The Impression writes a uniquely lucid critique about the Polo Ralph Lauren ‘Wear Your Story’ campaign.

Models include Jegor Venned, Teresa Lourenco, George Okeny, Leila Dee Thomas, Altyn Simpson & Jeenu Mahadevan lensed by Tim Hill & James Finnigan, director Steven Brahms.

Today’s essentials are all present: family, inclusion, diversity, and Polo Ralph Lauren brand values. However, “it is the way Ralph Lauren tells the story that earns our ear. His commitment to the love of story.”

Ralph Lauren has love for the images, the flow, the aspirations, the tonalities, the connections, the movements, and the details. He loves to reflect love. Love of nature, sophistication, good style, good manners, and family. While many may reflect Mr. Lauren’s love for American aristocracy, the underlying element is all of his historic storytelling is family and relationships.