Sasha Luss Plays Her Movie Role Of Russian Assasin 'Anna' In Guy Aroch Images For ELLE Russia

Tracking model-actor Sasha Luss’s new film ‘Anna’, we discovered her editorial with male model Xu Meen in ELLE Russia’s August issue. Vadim Galaganov styles Sasha in her role as a global assasin capable of taking down a bear-size mobster with a fork to the neck or disemboweling four assailants using dinner plates, writes Vulture in their glowing review of ‘Anna’. ‘Anna’ director Luc Besson first used Sasha Luss for ‘Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Guy Aroch is behind the lens for ELLE Russia, flashing Sasha Luss, who is determined to get an Oscar in five years. The model tells Vulture that she seeks sweet revenue in the movie. when “highly annoyed she pistol-whips an arrogant fashion photographer with nothing but his own camera, snapping photos of the haute couture humiliation as it happens. Models are going to love me for it!.” Luss predicts.