Photographer Elizaveta Porodina Eyes Sasha Belyaeva For Vogue Russia August 2019

Google for info about Russian singer and model Sasha Belyaeva and you will find an enigma. DNA models writes that Sasha’s family comes from a line of saints, but the artist is quick to clarify that there’s just one saint in the family.

Photographer Elizaveta Porodina captures Sasha, styled by Alexander Zoobrilin, for Vogue Russia August 2019.

L’Officiel calls Sasha Belyaeva “a renaissance woman in the truest sense.”

A classically trained violinist, she gave up her bow and strings for a catwalk at the urging of her father a few years back. She’s a bookworm who loves art-films and museums, has studied economics and has a gnarly sweet tooth. Music has always been her passion, however, and she’s recently refocused her attention there. That doesn’t mean she can’t dabble elsewhere, though. After breaking with her management company mid-EP, Sasha formed a talent management group with her friends, Lead+Develop, that’s focused on management, public relations, and creative production. She’s also about to publish her own magazine called Fourth Turning that will cover “true culture, completely unbiased.”