Stella McCartney's 'All Together Now' Collections Honor Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' Mindset

Stella McCartney is on a genius blitz these days and none of us can keep up with her. At the end of June Stella launched a celebration of her new ‘All Together Now’ collection, inspired by the iconic 1968 Beatles film. A collection of Stella luvs joined hands at the Electric Cinema in London’s Notting Hill to watch the film together.

“The beauty of the lyrics blows me away,” McCartney said in a statement. “I found that I was removing myself from the fact that it was family, and just finding myself as a fashion designer watching a piece of material that was massively and emotionally effective to me.”

Digitally remastered for its 50th anniversary last year, Yellow Submarine is a psychedelic adventure through a colorful world that brings people together with love and music, sending a message of togetherness that is as important in today’s political climate as it was when it was originally released. Stella’s personal connection to the film’s legacy with her father Paul McCartney inspired her to celebrate this message through the collection and its upcoming campaign, spreading this statement of unity to a modern audience and encouraging them to be agents for change.

It’s impossible to look at the original trailer and not think of both Gucci and the beautiful Parkland student activists, accompanied by all our other young voices worldwide.

"It really felt like the time to come together," says McCartney of the 85 designs inspired by George Dunning’s 1968 animated musical Beatles film 'Yellow Submarine,' named for the song co-written by her father Paul McCartney.

If you stop by Stella, there’s a yellow submarine floating across the landing page. Good! We all need a Good Humor bar.

Besides the “yellow submarine” inspiration in Stella’s 2019 menswear and pre-fall 2019 womenswear collections, McCartney has released an even broader 85-piece “All Together Now’ collection of apparel and accessories for men, women and children. Her website refers to the collection as "a fun, uplifting and hopeful statement of unity at a time when it feels more important than ever."

It a true statement that Stella McCartney’s in a unique position to spin the family heritage story with a unique design perspective. Reviewing the women’s pre-fall collection for, Tiziana Cardini wrote:

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds pyrotechnics were rendered as colorful patchwork-printed dancers, happily shimmying on fluid silk jacquard shirts; a sensational fur-free-fur Technicolor coat boasted on the back a jacquard portrait of the Fab Four in their marching uniforms. What mostly intrigued McCartney, though, was the modernity of the movie’s and lyrics’ message; she had sweaters embroidered with All Together Now in multiple languages: “I think it’s so relevant to now, bringing the world together, the people together, breaking down barriers,” she said. “It’s a political conversation, too; we can bring that back to the forefront in a way.”

Even kiddos are catching the Yellow Submarine spirit with marching band jackets, toy-shaped accessories with fun new characters that get little ones into the “All Together Now’ spirit.

Stella McCartney has more than got her groove on, announcing Monday her new partnership with LVMH. If you remember, Stella bought back her company from Kerring in 2018. Now she has Bernard Arnault as her business partner and — best of all — the brilliant Brit is his direct consultant and the LVMH BOD also on all matters of sustainability.

Arnault is quick to mention that LVMH set up a sustainability unity years ago. But the entire industry agrees that when the subject is sustainability, Stella McCartney wears the top hat.