Ugbad Abdi Delivers 'Fierce Fall Fashion' Lensed By Solve Sundsbo For V Magazine 120 Fall 2019

Somali-American model Ugbad Abdi, raised deep in the heart of Trump country in Cedar Rapids, Ia., delivers a ‘Fierce Fall Fashion’ story that is visually compelling. Ugbad’s warrior-goddess earrings by Meghan Markle favorite British jeweler Shaun Leane resonate this Monday morning, as Trump tells women like this American beauty to go back to her country.

The BBC agrees with their headline ‘Trump to congresswomen of colour: Leave the US’. Included on his target list is Somali-American Congresswoman from Iowa neighbor Minnesota Ilhan Omar. She came to the U.S. from Somalia when she was 10 and became a citizen when she was 17.

Gro Curtis styles Ugbad in haute looks lensed by Solve Sundsbo for V Magazine 120 Fall Preview 2019.

Perhaps I’ve spent way too much time as an American activist and anti-Trump warrior, but Ugbad’s 30-point Shaun Leane earrings remind me of a contemporary Statue of Liberty. ~ Anne

Ugbad Abdi by Solve Sundsbo for V120 Fall Preview 2019 (14).jpg