Kim Kardashian Wows With 3 Covers In Luigi + Iango Images For Vogue Japan August 2019

Super femme Kim Kardashian nearly broke the Internet Friday morning with an early and now deleted Instagram post of her Vogue Japan August 2019 cover story. It’s absolutely fabulous, and while the haters are out in full force, we say let them scream in silence.

Kardashian pulls off one enormous feat after another — like she’s eating a bag of Skittles. The woman is absolutely, positively a reincarnated goddess with powers beyond human comprehension.

The August issue of Vogue Japan is dedicated to the rising power of influencers under the theme of The New Reality. The issue is on sale June 26.

Kim Kardashiam is lensed by Luigi & Iango and styled by famous fashion editor Anna Dello Russo. More details to follow.

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