HART LËSHKINA Captures Netflix Star Alisa Boe For Dazed Magazine

Norwegian-Somali actor Alisha Boe is styled by Emma Wyman in Coach clothes, lensed by HART LËSHKINA for Dazed Magazine.

Known for playing Jessica Davis in the Netflix drama series ‘13 Reasons Why’, Alisha floats above the show’s controversy as a catalyst in inspiring an increase in teen suicide rates. The most recent article in a Google search full of recent results is from CBS San Francisco.

Slate Magazine dug deeply into the topic after two studies have attached an uptick in teen suicides to the show. AOC is not qualified to speak further on this subject.

“I have been working on ‘13 Reasons Why’ since I was 19 years old,” says Boe. “Filming for six months then seeing the end product and being able to experience how the audience receives it – I’ve always loved being part of telling a story.”

Alisa Boe’s professional credits include two new films: as a cheerleading instructor to Diane Keaton in ‘Poms’, and alongside ‘Stranger Things’ Natalie Dyer in ‘Yes, God, Yes’.  Boe says it’s a “movie about a Catholic girl discovering masturbation set in the early 2000s”.