Mens Wedding Rings and Things To Consider Before Purchasing


Choosing Your Man’s Wedding Ring

If you think that choosing a wedding ring for yourself isn’t as hard as choosing one for your fiancé, you’re wrong. Choosing mens wedding rings can be a tough job as you have to consider some important things in order to pick the best wedding ring that will suit your man’s personality.

We share top priorities in making this super important purchase of mens wedding rings.

1. The type of metal used

This will be the most important thing to consider when choosing a wedding ring for your man. There are a lot of choices for the types of metal when it comes to mens rings. Here are some of them:

●     Yellow Gold is a classic option. It will give off a warm and subtle glow.

●     Rose Gold is not a common choice but it’s beautiful and gives a vintage vibe. If you want a more distinctive look, you can opt for this type of metal.

●     White Gold is similar to the color of platinum but it is cheaper. It’s gold plated in rhodium, which gives off a white color.

●     Platinum is one of the rarest and most durable metals on earth. This is suited for people who have skin irritations and allergy on some metals since it is hypoallergenic.

●     Palladium is also similar to white gold and platinum, but it’s cheaper than the other two.

You can also opt for non-traditional metals such as titanium and sterling silver, which are also popular options. Here’s a quick video of what a tungsten carbide ring would look like:

2. The ring’s finish

This will describe the feel or texture of the metal that you will choose for the ring. Here are some of them:

●     Hammered finish. If you want an eye-catching and unique look for your partner’s wedding ring, this one’s for you. It looks like it was hammered a couple of times, as the name suggests.

●     Matte finish. For men who want a modern feel for their rings, a matte finish can be one of their options as it has a less reflective finish than others.

●     High polish finish. This is the most popular and most traditional. This has a reflective finish.

●     Combination. If you want a more edgy look, you can combine the high polish textures with the matte finish as well.

If these don’t suit your man’s taste, you can also look for other types of metal finishes online or in stores.

3. Budget

The cost of your wedding ring will depend on the finish, type of metal, and some additional designs that you will choose. Embellishments such as diamonds or engravings can quickly add cost to the wedding ring you want to buy, so you need to consider those factors, especially if you have a budget to keep. Before buying, check your budget and research online about the price of each finish and metal type to compare. Also, look for the prices of embellishments so you can have an idea and an option to put some on the wedding ring if your budget is enough.

4. Size

Sizing is very important, not just on wedding rings, but also on other types of accessories. If the ring is too small, it might damage the finger’s blood circulation. It will also be hard to remove, which can be irritating. On the other hand, if it’s slightly bigger than the finger’s size, the ring can slip off without being noticed, especially when washing hands.

It’s better to go to a jewelry store personally so you can see the right size for the ring you want to buy. However, if you are going to buy online, these jewelry stores also have their online sizing tool to get the right fit for your partner. There’s no reason not to research mens wedding rings in stores, gathering information and defining preferences. Then turn your focus to the best mens wedding rings online, before finalizing your decision. Another consideration when getting the size of your fiancé’s ring finger is the temperature. Both indoor and outdoor temperatures impact body circulation. Our fingers and toes shrink in cold environments and expand in warm, humid ones.

5. Width

For men, a wide band is a more common option since it shows masculinity. But you should always buy a ring that fits your fiancé’s finger without having to buy into those stereotypes. Other than that, you should stick to your budget because the wider the ring gets, the more expensive it becomes. If your fiancé’s hands are large, you might opt for 8mm or 9mm wide wedding rings. To be sure, try a few rings with different widths and take a look at what is the perfect and most comfortable fit.


These are some of the important factors that you have to consider before buying men’s wedding rings. You also have to consider the fit, shape, and the quality of the wedding ring that you will choose. Look for a ring that will have a personal connection with your fiancé, one that represents him as an individual.

And PLEASE remember to have a wonderful time finding the perfect wedding ring for this great guy who rocks your world.