Helena Christensen Captures Horsewoman Gigi Hadid Honoring Country For Vogue Czech May 2019

Gigi-Hadid-Helena-Christensen-Vogue-Czech-May-2019 (10).jpg

Gigi Hadid’s Vogue Czechoslovakia May 2018 cover story is out and it’s a beauty. Jan Králíček styles Gigi in noble origins horsewoman looks — after all, Gigi loves horses. Helena Christensen uses her camera to create pure poetry in what becomes a very serious discussion of sustainability, as yet another magazine weaves serious discussions around fashion editorials.

In this case Vogue Czech editor-in-chief Andrea Běhounková writes an indepth letter about sustainability: (English translation), ending it after talking about the water used to make one single cotton shirt and the overall role of fashion in polluting the planet:

I admit that Honza Králíček and I were flying by plane with (to?) Gigi Hadid and Helena Christensen. 
With us four suitcases. 
Two years (over?) there, two back. 
Less than ninety kilograms of clothing and 58 pairs of shoes. 
Leather clothes yes, no fur coats. 
It is not the power that is responsible for the environment, but how else to get to the east coast of the United States? (She’s speaking about carbon emissions and flying by jet everywhere).

Gigi invited us home. Try to decline this invitation. 
With a clear conscience.

I was about to check if Helena made the shoot near her country house in upstate New York, but it sounds likely that the group congregated at Gigi’s family country house not far from my beloved Carversville. Helena is deeply committed to the environment and always always rides her bike around Manhattan. ~ Anne

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