Adut Akech Is Sublime In 'My Seditious Heart' Lensed By Arthur Elgort For Vogue UK April 2019

Adut-Akech-by-Arthur-Elgort-Vogue-UK-April-2019 (2).jpg

What makes a supermodel? Must she have over 1 million Instagram followers? How about major ad campaigns? Must she appear in a minimum number of solo editorials in the Vogue portfolio?

AOC has followed closely the rise of South Sudanese model Adut Akech out of the horrors of civil war to the famous Kakuma camp for refugees in Kenya and then to Australia, arriving with her family into the waiting arms of Adut’s aunt.

There is no doubt that Adut’s fashion world rise has been given a big boost by British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. After all, Adut even called him ‘Papa’ on Instagram upon seeing her December 2018 British Vogue cover. But a quick review of her most recent 2019 work include featured editorials in WSJ Magazine, American Vogue, British Vogue, and M le magazin du Monde. Her Spring 2019 ad campaigns include Fendi, Coach, Versace, Moschino and more.

Watching Adut’s moves, her poses and interaction with the camera —- her eyes, her side probile in stride, the tilt of her head — Akech is clearly moving into traditional supermodel territory. Adut won the ‘Industry Vote’ for model of the year at, elected by 250 participating top stylists, designers, photographers, editors, hair and makeup artists, and casting directors . Let’s hope a major beauty company contract comes soon for Adut.

The word ‘supermodel’ is thrown around so loosely today, that it’s almost meaningless. But the bone structure of Adut’s high-speed career feels very sound, truly solid — in an old-fashioned way. Her editorial work is truly outstanding, and Enninful pulled out all the stops for ‘My Seditious Heart’. lensed by Arthur Elgort with styling by Grace Coddington for the April 2019 issue. / Hair by Julien D’Ys; makeup by Francelle Daly; set design by Mary Howard

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