Yasmin Le Bon Likes 'Yammy' As 80s Supermodel Lensed By Nick Haddow For Stella Magazine

Yasmin-Le-Bon_Nick-Haddow-Stella-Mag- (1).jpg

80s supermodel Yasmin Le Bon is among the older models enjoying a front and center resurgence in fashion. Born to an Iranian father and English mother, Le Bon married Duran Duran’s Simon LeBon in 1985. Le Bon covers the March 17 edition of Telegraph UK’s Stella Magazine, styled by Lorna McGee with images by Nick Haddow./ Hair by Ken O’Rourke; makeup by Sarah Reygate

The Telegraph’s UK headline says all about fashion’s latest crop of golden girls: Yasmin Le Bon: ‘I wear more miniskirts now than I did in my 20s and 30s’. Re, the term ‘granny’, it doesn’t have a lot of appeal for the mother of three daughters and now grandmother to “adorable” Taro. "My daughter really wants him to call me 'Yammy' which is kind of cute,” Le Bon recently told Irish Independent.

On the subject of aging gracefully, YLB inspires. "I think I'm going to be thoroughly disgraceful. In my heart, I'm always a rebel so I never want to conform to anyone else's standards or ideas so I change daily.

"I don't know about this growing old gracefully thing. I think grow old as you feel happy to be, whatever makes you happy."