Yasmin Wijnaldum Covers Debut Issue of Numéro Netherlands 01,Lensed by Marco van Rijt

Model Yasmin Wijnaldum poses in one of five individual covers in the October 2019 debut of Numéro Netherlands. Yasmin is styled by Koen T. Hendriks in Saint Laurent for the 01 ‘Heritage’ issue lensed by Marco van Rijt as ‘Rauwe Schoonheid’ (Raw Beauty) . / Hair by Hester Wernert; makeup by Carlos Saidel

On the topic of ‘heritage’, the Dutch government will no longer describe itself as Holland — only the part of the country containing Amsterdam and Rotterdam choosing to only brand itself as the Netherlands. The Guardian explains the Dutch decision.

A spokeswoman for the ministry of foreign affairs said the Netherlands needed a more uniform and coordinated national branding. She said: “We want to present the Netherlands as an open, inventive and inclusive country. We’ve modernised our approach.” That modernisation even includes rebranding the nation’s football (soccer) team.

“What is special is that agreement has now been reached with relevant parties from both the government, Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions and private organisations including top sectors and the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers about the image of the Netherlands that we want to present to the rest of the world in a substantive and unambiguous manner.”

Bottom line, welcome to the fashion world, Numéro Netherlands 01.