Ruth Negga Prepares For 'Hamlet', Lensed By Tesh For Marie Claire UK September 2018

Ruth Negga by Tesh for Marie Claire UK sept 2018 (7).jpg

Hollywood's Ruth Negga is lensed by Tesh near the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes on the French Riviera. The newly-crowned Louis Vuitton ambassador is styled by Jayne Pickering for the September 2018 Marie Claire UK cover story.

Continuing with her role "as a ball-busting Tulip" in the third season of 'Preacher', available on Amazon Prime, Negga is poised to play 'Hamlet' at home-country Dublin's Gate Theatre from September 21-October 27. This is not Negga's first Shakespearean role, having played Lavinia in 'Titus Andronicus in 2006. She also played Ophelia in 'Hamlet' at London's National Theatre in 2010. 

The play's director Yaël Farber said that Negga, 36, was assuming the role of Hamlet during a “ravaging time in our world”.

“It seems we are all in the court of Claudius now, collectively sliding towards the cliff over which facts, truth and integrity have tumbled,” she said.

Like Zendaya, who covers the September 2018 edition of Marie Claire US, Ruth Negga is enjoying a strong collaboration with Hollywood's women on multiple new projects. 

Producers flocked to Negga after 'Loving’s' success. Some said she could do anything she liked, ‘which was brilliant’, she beams. And not just in acting, either: she’s recently bought the film rights to an Irish book, and is working with other actresses on film scripts they’ve written. ‘It’s all super-exciting,’ she says. ‘Even if these films don’t get made, there will be others – and I know they will come. You can’t hold the tide [of what’s happening with women in the industry] back with a broomstick.’ The industry’s been using the excuse of the dollar with women for years, she continues, ‘but it was never about the dollar. It was about power. That cold, dead hand that wouldn’t let go.’ She smiles broadly. ‘That’s changing now.’

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