Tippi Hedren Plays Fortune Teller In Gucci 2018 Timepieces + Jewelry Campaign

Tippi-Hendren-Gucci-Jewelry-Timepiece-Tippi-Hendren- (1).jpg

Gucci assembles a fantastic cast starring actor Tippi Hedren, age 88, playing a fortune teller to models Emily Unkles, Tex Santos Shaw, Tom Atton Moore and Victoria Schons in the brand's 2018 Timepieces + Jewelry campaign.  While reading a gold crystal ball, Hedren wears several layered gold bangles and bracelets along with the brand's snake-inspired rings. She also wears an Alessandro Michele-designed Gucci print dress.


Before becoming a Hollywood actress (now many of us use the word 'actor'), working with Hitchcock, Hedren was a successful fashion model. She is the mother of Melanie Griffith and grandmother of Dakota Johnson, who previously starred in a campaign for Gucci's Bloom, fragrance and is known to be a good friend of Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele. 

Tippi Hedren is an original #MeToo, Time's Up girl, walking away from Alfred Hitchcock after making two films -- 'The Birds' and 'Marnie' -- with the famous director. 

Before becoming a Hollywood actress, working with Hitchcock in 1962-64, Hedren was a successful fashion model throughout the 1950s. 

Simply stated, Hitchcock was obsessed with Tippi Hedren, and if he couldn't have her (yes, he was married) no one would. Note that Hendren never sent mixed signals to Hitchcock, and his brutal treatment of her was known in Hollywood. When the actor walked away to save herself and her sanity, after Hitchcock assaulted her and stalked her, it was clear that Hitchcock's admonishment that she would never work again in Hollywood was true. 

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