Bill Kidd Eyes 'Why, Ms Jones', Starring Rashida Jones For Porter Edit May 18, 2018

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Small-screen actor Rashida Jones explains to Olive Wakefield that her privacy is paramount and fame is not her motivating force. Hence, Rashida Jones doesn't pursue roles in big movies, as the personal price is too high. Simply stated, she would rather dance, Jones explains in Porter Edit May 18, 2018. .

Photographer Billy Kidd captures Jones, styled in tailored menswear looks styled by Katie Mossman./ Hair by Brent Lawler; makeup by Dotti

It's a given that an female actor today will be asked about sexism in Hollywood, and Jones weighs in with her thoughts. When writing a decade ago, Jones became very frustrated about the feedback on her female characters. 'She's not likeable enough' was a common criticism. Men can have a string of negatives that make them strong, powerful and intoxicating. But women are taught to be nice, Jones reminds us for the 1000th time.

Think Hillary Clinton in 2008 and our beloved president Barack Obama looking at her on the debate stage saying "You're likeable enough, Hillary." I nearly fell off the sofa. 

This duality in American society -- and worldwide as a foundation of patriarchal power structures -- is the subject of a new AMC series not connected to Rashid Jones. Surely she would approve.