PETA Activist Pamela Anderson Is Lensed By Carmelo Redondo For Intimately Magazine #19

Pamela Anderson by Carmelo Redondo for Intimately Nagazube #19 (3).jpg

'Baywatch' star and Playboy model Pamela Anderson strikes a series of sensual poses for the cover story of Intimately Magazine's #19 issue. Carmelo Redondo flashes the bombshell in babe-worthy, retro classic looks styled by Zara Garo and Mariam Jerez. 

Anderson the PETA activist lives in France now with her soccer star boyfriend Adil Rami, having put Hollywood behind her. "Activism is sexy. I encourage everyone to be brave and step outside your comfort zone,” she told US weekly earlier this month. “It’s a springboard into the unknown. And when you can do this, you can really live.”