Kim Kardashian West At Home With Boo George In ELLE US April 2018 Cover Interview

Kim Khardashian Cover Story Elle US April 2018  (1).jpg

The knives are already out again for Kim Kardashian, with her Elle US April US cover story.  Forget Kim's jaw-dropping, photographer Boo George cover image that leaves any fashionista worth her reputation in awe. Come on, now!!!  Either give the woman a nod for one great photo above, or send me your resume, so we can review your own credentials for ALWAYS shredding any image of Kim Kardashian, styled here by Anna Trevelyan.

I'm not even a Kardashian fan, although I do admire her talent, focus, self-discipline, business, family and body results. But reading the ruthless shredding of every action Kardashian takes is getting me downright empathetic towards the woman. 

Embroiled in controversy around The Women's March this week -- triggered by Tamika Mallory's strong embrace of Rev. Louis Farrakhan -- (this article seems fair and balanced) I've been doing more reading than usual, noting that Kim Khardashian is considered to be a 'Beckeisha'. Writing for The Root, Michael Harriot breaks down The 5 Types of 'Becky': a white woman who uses her privilege as a weapon, a ladder or an excuse. Ex: “A random Becky hit me up on Twitter to explain why not all white women are racist.”


Part of the privilege of Beckydom rests in its members’ unflagging belief that everything belongs to them. For this subset of Beckys, culture, history and black penis are all disposable commodities for them to use and discard at their whim. In their belief system, you can’t be offended when they appropriate a culture or call something “ghetto,” because they don’t have a racist bone in their body. Plus, they once had a black boner inside their body, so how can they be racist?

Beckeishas slip on the temporary camouflage of black culture like a loose-fitting, swap-meet dashiki. They don’t consider themselves thieves; they are more like culture vultures—digesting dead black things until their bellies are filled, and then vomiting up the unwanted oppression and pain as they spread their wings and fly away. But you know what they say: Once you go black, you’ll never go back ...

... unless you’re a Beckeisha. Because they always go back. Because they can.

Identifying call: “I dated a black guy in college.”

Famous Beckeishas: Anyone with the last name “Kardashian”; Miley Cyrus; Rachel Dolezal; white girls who twerk.

Read the ELLE interview by Molly Young, one considerably more respectful toward KK than The Root. What's that movie -- 'What A Wonderful World?' We're livin' it! ~ Anne