Charlee Fraser Talks Proudly Of Her Awabalkal Ancestors For S Moda El Pais November 2018

Charlee Fraser by Henrique Gendre for S Moda El Pais (1).jpg

Model Charlee Fraser covers the November 2018 issue of S Moda El Pais. Ana Fernandez Abadj styles Charlee in Marc Jacobs canary color coat and gloves, Gucci, Versace, Calvin Klein 205W39NYC and more in images by Henrique Gendre. / Hair by Roberto Di Cuia; makeup by Linda Gradin

In her interview, Charlee talks about being “"the first Australian indigenous model on the radar of the international fashion industry," in the words of WWD. "It's amazing for me to think about it. I do not carry it as a responsibility, but as an honor. It is important to vindicate my indigenous side, they are my roots and I want to continue talking about them, because it is a part of me that I love and value. Breaking stereotypes makes me feel good.”

Charlee admits that until now, she wasn’t fully conscious of her roots — her ancestors, the Awabalkal peoples, from New South Wales. Now she is proud to defend a culture based on respect for the earth, because we humans are not its owners, but rather it possesses us, feeds us, gives us life", explains the model. For this reason, Charlee feels "a deep terrestrial connection" and emphasizes that one of her dreams is to get involved "in organizations that help conserve the environment" to defend the inheritance of her ancestors.

Speaking of her own rise in the fashion industry, Fraser speaks to the abundant, rapid changes that are happening in the fashion industry. "It is a positive turn towards inclusion. I see more diversity than ever of women of many colors and sizes, something beautiful. It's a big transformation and it's going to have a major impact on clichés and how women see themselves.”

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