Duckie Thot Takes No Prisoners In Greg Swales Images For Harper's Bazaar Mexico September 2018

Duckie Thot by Greg Swales for Harper's B MexicoLA (9).jpg

AOC only looks back for a good reason — and Duckie Thot’s appearance in Harper’s Bazaar Mexico and Latin America’s September 2018 issues is one of them. Styled by DaVian Lain, Duckie sizzles in images by Greg Swales. Clearly — very clearly — Duckie Thot is a model to be reckoned with.

Duckie is walking in this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and as a decade-long veteran of VS at the highest levels, let me say that if Duckie delivers more fashion moments like this one, wings could flutter in her direction. I was probably the biggest activist VS ever had, and would def be lobbying on her behalf, because her refugee triumphs are EXACTLY what America (and the also struggling VS) needs at this moment.

Enough Trump nonsense. America IS Duckie Thot and the grand, heart-breaking but empowering girl gaggle of Sudanese refugee models who now grace our editorial pages worldwide. This is their collective beautiful moment and Duckie Thot is clearly capable of dropping the model gauntlet. For an Aussie girl with a Sudanese heart, Duckie Thot is on the move.

AOC has a long history of fighting for the rights of Sudanese women, and I’m just thrilled to watch this explosion of Sudanese-connected beauty across the digital stratosphere. ~ Anne

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