Molly Bair Fronts 'Amor' By Nick Knight For V Magazine #97 Fall 2015

Model Molly Bair is a far out fashion child styled by Amanda Harlech in ‘Amor’. Photographer Nick Knight is in the studio for V Magazine #97 Fall 2015./ Makeup by Laura Dominique; hair by Eamonn Hughes

Bair was profiled this week on CNN Style as Model proves gawky can be gorgeous.

“People are always asking me, ‘Where are you from?’ And I’m like, ‘America … I’m American,’ ” Bair said.

But she said the features that earned her teasing nicknames like “praying mantis” and “alien” growing up have set her apart with a coveted allure in the fashion industry.

“I’m kind of, I guess, embracing that alien, rat, demon, goblin, gremlin sort of vibe and going with it,” she said.

Bair said before she started in fashion, people would often approach her at the mall to ask whether she was a model, but she never gave it serious thought, especially as she struggled with her looks as other girls matured.