Mario Sorrenti Lenses CDC's 'Blood & Roses' For LOVE Magazine #13 Spring/Summer 2015

Rei Kawakubo’s Spring 2015 collection for Comme des Garçons speaks to two major themes: roses and blood. Master photographer Mario Sorrenti showcases these themes in high-impact, vividly dramatic images featuring models Natalie Westling, Grace Hartzel, Roos Abels & Sora Choi in ‘CGD’.

Panos Yiapanis styles the slashed and violently-constructed human roses in “a visceral statement in a violently corporate industry”. While Kawakubo connects her collection to the political and religious violence that long-ago adopted roses as a symbol of blood, she speaks loudly of the almost anti-human business that fashion has become. 

Rei Kawakubo has always walked to her own drumbeat, but increasingly she speaks to not even making clothes — but rather objects around the body. “‘Blood and roses’ is just the true expression of my feelings right now,” says the designer to LOVE magazine #13.