Hailey Clauson Goes 'Behind Closed Doors' For Agent Provocateur Spring 2014 By Miles Aldridge

Model Hailey Clauson gets down with the iroing board and rolling pin in these 50’s-inspired, male-fantasy, pinup images for Agent Provocateur. Miles Aldridge domesticates Hailey in’Behind Closed Doors’ with another of his quick-witted visions of women scrubbing the floors. Actually Gisele did that a few years, right?

Perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to attribute those garter belts, lace bras and frilly aprons to male fantasies. Research confirms that couples had more hot sex in the 50s and many a woman would be very happy with Agent Provocateur’s “fantasy of silk and lace in the modern-day world”. 

As for wrapping yourself in saran wrap to greet your business-weary husband at the door, well Marabel Morgan just went too darn kinky for my taste in ‘The Total Woman’.

“It’s very tongue-in-cheek. I was working on this collection after I had the baby, and what sprang to mind was the idea of the perfect housewife,” said Sarah Shotton, Agent Provocateur’s creative director. “At the time, everyone was coming to visit me and I kept trying to bake cakes.”

These images remind me of web research done several years ago about what women really do on the Internet. I used domesticated ladies for that article, too. Prepare to be shocked with Sexy Doublespeak | American Women & Sexual Honesty.


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