Will Davidson and Anais Pouliot Seek 'Somebody to Love' Muse Magazine S/S 2013

Michael Philouze styles model Anais Pouliot in ‘Somebody to Love’, lensed by Will Davidson for Muse Magazine’s spring/summer issue. This is a great example of a Smart Sensuality editorial — focusing on the modern woman whose sensuality is a core part of her identity. I’ve read enough fashionista comments on other blogs to know that many young women see no place for physicality and sensuality in fashion editorials. This view I call fashion monasticism.

The Smart Sensuality woman is not defined by clothes or brand labels.  Rather, she owns and loves her own body and incorporates it into her success, soft or strong power. self-identity and life choices. Clothes play an important but supporting role. If she could care less about clothes, then she is a Cultural Creative most likely. The Smart Sensuality woman has CC values but loves style and sensuality. ~ Anne


via models.com